Round Trendsetters

Round Eyeglasses

You got my point right? Round eyeglasses!

Used to be a trademark of intellectuals and veterans in times gone were admired by one and all.

I remember my grandfather used to have round spectacles. Such was his aura that many-a-times even I tried wearing them to look as intellectual as he was.


The non-violent ‘Bapu Gandhi’ inspired movements for civil rights across the nation. His standard styles, the round eyeglasses with which he has always been associated are now a big time fashion accessory.

See! I got the similar ones online.

Round Eyeglasses


60s witnessed the popularity of Tea-shades and the credit goes to John Lennon, founder of Beatles and classic rock band Heartbreakers member Roger Daltrey.

These are your small fashionable shades of all time.

silver green mirror sunglasses

Fotor0101114554silver mirror gradient sunglasses

Everything that goes up comes down one day! That applies to round eyeglasses as well!

You will find similar pieces online.

Black Eyeglasses


Time has changed! Movies such as Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes have compelled people to bring back Retro/John Lennon glasses in 2013.



Today’s celebs either from Bollywood or from international pop circles or for that matter corporate biggies have all been seen in round shaped eyewear.

Automatically people will follow in their footsteps.


Thicker frames, contrasting colours even these look just wow.

Round eyeglasses are back in action and I think it is high time I got one or couple of them for myself.


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