4 foods that can do magic for your eyes

After skin care, the next thing that comes to mind is eye care. You cannot just deny the fact that having an absolutely bright and healthy set of eyes is just as important as having an attractive persona. Eyes are not only your medium of expression but also a way to set all your jobs right! The better you see, the best you will comprehend things, work on them and achieve profusely. In this age of overwhelming pollution, you have every reason to keep this manual on eye protection with you always handy.

1. Nothing will do it better than the soothing cucumber would!

Simply slice some cucumbers and keep them on your eyes. Keep them on for 15 minutes and drown in the coolness it has to offer your eyes. It will not only de-stress your eyes but also offer them complete health and wellness. Its cooling properties will just do wonders to your vision.

2. Honey that will add both health and sweetness to your vision

Honey is an age old ingredient, when it comes to preserving eyesight. It has been a favorite ingredient to almost all of our grandmothers for its quick healing and moisturizing properties. You can simply apply it around your eyes and experience the suppleness it has to give your eyes after you wash off. It can easily even wash away all the impurities around your eyes, on account of its anti-bacterial nature.

3. Revive the beauty of your eyes with the purifying almond oil.

It is a potential source of vitamin E and is known for its absolute skin repair and rejuvenating effects. It will tighten the skin around your eyes and make it glow like never before. It is more than simple to use, you have to just take a drop of almond oil on the tip of your finger and simply apply it around the skin of your eyes, while avoiding any direct contact of oil with them.

4. Potatoes that will seal in the good health of your eyes.

Just like cucumber, potato slices will help in relieving burning and itchy eyes. Cut potatoes into slices and let them sit on your closed eyes for about 30 minutes and then experience the calm and health it has to offer your eyes.

These wonder kitchen remedies will not only delay the process of eye ageing but put your vision to best health.

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