Research before purchase, even if its eyeglasses

Eyewear is the term that commonly represents miscellaneous eye accessories such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses
Here is some information to help people get a right pair of specs which suits them best. To start with, the basic parts of spectacles come first. Specs include various parts such as frame, lens, bridge, hinge, temple and nose pads, out of which lens and frame play a highlighting role.


Frame is the cover around the lens and eyes. The three elements that define frame are size, shape and colour. Choosing a frame is the toughest and the most important task. But remember, according to the face features, if you choose the frame and lens colour, it makes the task easy and the product worth buying.


Lenses are also available in different patterns. The top brands like RayBan, Gucci, Prada and many others develop updated versions that ring the customer’s desire of wanting them.

One must avail the high-defined technology which provides the advantages like scratch-coat, anti-refractive lenses etc. According to dermatologists and eye-specialists, the facial skin is the most sensitive of the rest of the body, and the skin around the eyes is 5 times more sensitive. Extra care is always suggested for the eyes.


The width between the two lenses in the frame is called the bridge. The bridge is composed of a measured length by manufacturers, known as bridge size. There are different types of bridges, identified as Keyhole Bridge, Saddle Bridge, Adjustable Bridge and Double Bridge. These are termed according to their appearance and functionality.


Temples have two parts, labeled as earpiece and template tips. They are also known as the arm of the frame. The temple or the arm running from the hinge till the end, which wraps behind the ear, is determined as the template length. The part of the arm that sits behind the ear is called as earpiece.

The front of the frame is attached to the template with the hinge. The hinge of the specs is designed so that it allows the templates to swing.

Nose Pads:

These are mounted to the eyewear on either sides of the nose to support the fit. There are a lot of varieties and colors in nose pads. These are fit into nose pad ears of the eyeglasses.

Nose pads made of different material such as silicon are also available in the markets, manufactured by branded companies. Many people are not allergic to silicon.

Buyers should know these basic things before selecting an eye frame. Buying them online is easier and a more effective way to get the right information and also the right pair of spectacles.
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