How reading positions can make you a chashmish

Most of us work sitting the whole day glued to the screens. Some of us are avid readers and can’t stop until we are done with the book, absorbing word by word and living with the story. Well, because of the work and our passion, we tend to forget what that dedication is doing to our eyes.

Wondering how? Well, it is not something that you don’t know, but ignore purposely, that sitting for long hours in one position stiffens your muscles and become strenuous for your eyes.

So, here are some positions that impact your eyesight:

1. The laid back


This is one of the most harmful positions you should avoiding for reading, whether it is a book or you staring into the screens of your phones and tablets. So, while it is a comforting position for the back, it causes a 2x strain to your eyes as compared to sitting up straight position. Therefore, it is a big ‘No’.

2. Crane’s neck


It is high time that we should remember that we are a species known as human beings or the homo-sapiens and not cranes. Then why sit like them and work? Sitting in this position will bend your vertebral column and strain your spinal cord. It increases your chances of having cervical spondylitis and keeping a screen so close to your eyes will harm them in the long run.

3. Looking down


Well, though the book is at a right distance from your eyes but the bend down position will strain your neck and shoulders. It will also tire your hands quickly as they do not have any support.

Also, if the direction of light is not favourable, your head might block it and then again put pressure on your eyes. Well, I know the lenses in our eyes can adjust to light changes in the surroundings, but the muscles are in constant pressure to hold the lens to allow considerable amount of light, which in turn, results in weakening the muscles of the eyes.

4. Too close, too dangerous


This one we have heard all our lives. But, I guess the words are clearer and it gives a different thrill to watch your favourite series sitting close to the screens. So mind you, my friend, the extra work your eyes do will get them tired more easily, decreasing your efficiency to work, play, stay up and enjoy.

5. Cut my neck


Well, it’s not a lot that we sit in this position and work until we have a habit of reading or working late at night. So, this sitting position makes a T or L in your spinal cord, your vertebral column bending it unnecessary than required.

Result: Get tired easily, less efficiency, no productivity and wasted efforts of staying up till late. So, this is also not an advisable thing to do.

I understand we all have busy schedules, long work timings etc., because of which we do not get much time to take care of our precious health. This is precisely why we should completely avoid these to reduce some stress from our exhaustive life.

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