Ray-Ban United Me With My Love!

ray ban sunglassesAS I sit down to write a gratitude blog dedicated to RayBan, it sends me back to the dark lanes of my memory. This was when I was in third year of college; University of Forks had a ritual of throwing prom party for all to-be graduates. Prom night was drawing nearer, and with that the big moment of my life was coming closer. I had to give my answer to Dylan’s proposal. Dylan was madly in love with me, he had told me this many times. It was getting harder for me to stay away from him anymore. Though I had asked him to wait for my answer at prom night, I couldn’t help myself spilling the beans. One evening before prom party, I gave him my nod, and we got together.

At prom, Dylan gifted me my favourite RayBan Aviator sunglasses. I am till date, in love with Aviator style shades that treat you with a great fusion of classic appeal, maximum functionality and flawless quality. The shades which Dylan brought me were with green coloured lenses, in order to complement my green eyes. This pair of sunglasses was from the newly launched collection of RayBan which had the unique features of thin titanium frames, dark reflective lenses, flexible cable temples and world-famous teardrop shape frame. If you notice, you will find Aviators sunglasses are quite versatile; these shades do not only match well with any outfit, on any occasion but also accentuates your style appeal. At the prom night, Forks University also launched students’ ramp walk, where many of my friends had participated. After dance, Dylan and I went to see the ramp walk. I was not aware what the event was about, until I saw Dylan himself walking the ramp, in the black button-down shirt and Denim Jeans, and with the Wayfarer blue shades. I still remember how the scene took my breath away; my best friend had to jolt me to shut my awkwardly gaping mouth. Almost all the girls of college, even the faculties were impressed by the first entry on the ramp.

ray ban sunglassesWayfarers collection of RayBan, introduced in the year 1952 had launched RayBan as the world’s leading eyewear brand line. Designed in cool plastic frames, and splashed with palette of vibrant colours, Wayfarer had brought a revolutionary break from metallic Aviators. Wayfarer shades are the traveller’s preferred choice all over the world; they come with distinctive trapezoidal frames and come with varied colourful patterns. Either you wear plain colour shirts, or funky, cool graphic print angry birds T-shirts, the wayfarers are the only way to augment your fashion sense and to mark your own unique appeal. Other striking shades being displayed on ramp by Fork University students were High Street, Caribbean, Active Lifestyle, Carbon Fibre and Caravan. All the shades of RayBan were from the newly launched collection of the brand, and they featured the latest in lens technology, along with high colour definition and high precision clarity.

After the event finished, award of the most stylish walk was given to Dylan. As he walked the ramp closing the ceremony drawing his steps closer to me, he bent down to my eye level, and saw me for a moment. This time, he wore his Carbon Fibre blue shades, which I recognized from its P3 polarised lenses as the glasses reflected my image on them. The next moment, Dylan removed his shades, and with his other hand picked me up by waist on the ramp floor. He proposed his love to me knee-bent, yet again, but this time before the entire college. He proposed me for marriage, and I couldn’t believe that the moment had come so soon. As the crowd held its breath, I murmured my answer, “Yes”. We closed the ceremony with our ramp, with each of us wearing two different collection representative of Rayban – Aviator and Carbon Fibre.

As I sat beside Dylan in his car, a thought emerged in my mind, ‘how could he manage to buy three classic shades from the latest collection of RayBan Sunglasses, that too with meagre source of money’.
I asked him, and he gave me just one line answer- Visit LensKart.com and you will know it.

Reaching home, I opened my laptop and logged onto LensKart.com, and was totally taken aback by the prices of the RayBan collection of eyewear. There are hundreds of eyewear brands available on this site, with all kinds of prices ranging from high to low. LensKart is India’s leading online shopping portal. The delivery days of LensKart is just 3 or 4 days, and the portal offers a sensible order return and cancellation policy. I was really impressed by the rates of all the brands available on portal. Later I came to know, that Dylan had bagged a pair of shades from each collection of RayBan.

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