Aviator Sunglasses: Sign of Elegance

I am sure that if you are sunglasses afficianado, there is no way that you can deny that aviator sunglasses are the great grand father of all the sunglasses and in spite of the time factor, they never seem to go out of fashion. Forever classic, aviators have been the hottest and best selling commodity in the fashion world. Of course, you might very well recall the 1986 movie Top Gun which featured Tom Cruise in his Ray-Ban or 1998 flick ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ which featured Johnny Depp in aviators and 2001 flick ‘Blow’ which again features Johnny Depp wearing his aviator sunglasses. All the movies have inspired a generation of youth to wear aviators be it men or women. Aviators have been endorsed by the pop artists and celebrities like Michel Jackson, and Lindsey Lohan.

In short after being in use for more than seven decades, aviators continue to be liked throughout the world and that is not because the pop icons and celebrities have been wearing aviator sunglasses. I believe that there is more to aviator sunglasses than just be a celebrity fan. The secret of the phenomenal success of aviators lies in the shape of these sunglasses. The iconic tear drop shape of aviator sunglasses makes them suitable for every face type. Although they look good on long faces but there are different models and sizes of aviator sunglasses that look good on oval and square shaped faces making aviators universally suited for all the face types.

Talking of aviators, the very first thing that comes to your mind is Ray-Ban and I would rather say that the reputation of the brand is very well deserved and it has gone a long way from designing to development of the the signature sunglasses. Here, I would like to discuss the frame-size and suitability of a particular frame-size to different shapes of face. Aviators come in three frame sizes, let me start with the smallest aviator Ray-Ban 3044 which comes with an eye size measurement of 52, it is the smallest aviator and is suitable for narrow and long faces. Ray-Ban 3025 Large Metal Aviator is standard sized aviator which comes with an eye size measurement of 58 and is suitable for oval faces while Ray-Ban 3026 is the largest frame-size available that comes in a frame-size of 62, it is suitable for a round face. All the other models of Ray-Ban aviators like outdoorsman and shooter are different variations of the basic frame sizes.

The best thing about the aviators is that they can go with anything. I, for example, mix and match my aviators with my dress jacket and tie and I also wear them with my capries or jeans. They go with anything that you can possibly conceive and probably that is the second reason why most of the people prefer to wear aviators. Now that, I have discussed aviator sunglasses in detail, it gives a clear idea why aviators have sustained and why Ray-Ban still remains a global favourite. Although, there are many companies dealing in Aviators, I still deny to come out of the spell of aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban and that is chiefly because of G15 shade of these glasses. The authentic Ray-Ban experience is rich and a class apart making this brand an icon of aviators round the world.

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