Summer Indulgence

All the significant men in my life are Ray-Ban lovers. My father has an original pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, even my boyfriend carries the mirror madness from this cult brand. Setting standards, creating fashion trends, Ray-Ban ignited the fashion fire in the eyewear industry. Considering it’s craze and it has been able to maintain and keep the glory going, I thought of writing a story on how various styles from this brand’s heritage can be taken up with different looks for different days.

#The Office Blues Beater Look

office wear look

There’s no need to question the mirror now. You will always look the prettiest with Aviators, that too the mirrored ones.

#Balled Over Striped Look

everyday wear

Marinate your casual look in the purple fervour, by carrying these butterfly sunglasses. And that guy, you have been spying on, will go crazy about you in no time.

#Style Storm Semis Look

semi formal look

Colour me red with these ultimate red Wayfarers, a cult style from Ray-Ban after Aviators. Pair it up with any semi-formal day look. It is a keeper.

#Girly Denim Charm

denim look

Denim is the style tantra for today’s girls. And of course you know. Why not match with another vogue effect, animal print with your club master style sunglasses in tortoise print.

Let your eyes do the talking.

Image courtesy: LensKart; Pinterest

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