Shades of Politicos


And you thought Wayfarers were ‘In’ today… Former US President John F. Kennedy was spotted wearing the haute Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses way back in 1950s. His distinct style statement and charisma — that was also reflected in his shinning political career — left a lasting impression on the politicos to come. George W. Bush, who ruled the roost in early 2000s, had his favourite from the Ray-Ban armoury.


The popular Ray-Ban RB2132 622 was his choice. And left his replacements for the most coveted seat in the politics of the world continue to follow the trend. Some superstition around Ray-Ban sunglasses?! With no clarity on that thought, one wonders why even the ace of all kings, Barack Obama is also never detached from his RB3217. See for yourself!


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