A walk with Ray Ban

After the completion of my final B. Tech exam, I got selected as a software developer in a MNC firm. It was my first job and I was quite excited to join my first job. I knew well that a computer engineer has to spend major part of time in front of computer or laptop. I had understood the fact that rays coming out from the screen of a computer or laptop can cause several eye ailments. After searching the market I found a pair of good the quality eyeglasses Ray Ban eyeglasses to protect my eyes from the harsh effects. Nowadays, it has become my best friend that always accompany me in the office or at my home, by delivering crystal clear vision in the portfolio of unique style and comfort.

In the present scenario, Ray Ban has achieved such a grand height in the American culture and history. It’s innovative and quality eyewear products are quite popular amongst various celebrities such as movie stars, artists, fashion designers, runway models and many more. The present generation youth has accepted the brand as their style statement. Wearing Ray Ban eyeglasses will provide you with utmost comfort and luxury that directly links your style to the status of the wearer. A pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses can empower your vision with utmost comfort.

Well acclaimed brand, Ray Ban was incepted in the year 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. In the history of Ray Ban, sunglasses came first in the list as the first Ray Ban sunglasses were introduced for the U.S. Army Air Corp. Journey of specs started with the manufacturing of Aviator sunglasses that became quite popular among pilots. Anti glare lens to block out UV rays and gold plated metal frame made these Aviator sunglasses unique in the segment of specs. With the passage of time, Ray Ban introduced another category of sunglasses by the name of wayfarer sunglasses which gained popularity among various Hollywood actors, musicians and celebrities in a very short span of time. In the 1970’s, Ray Ban entered into the segment of manufacturing extravagant specs for fashion oriented people. Famous designers like Dior and Yves St. Laurent entered into the eyewear market to deliver unmatched and distinctly designed specs in the international market. The vast popularity of the brand can be depicted from the fact that in the year 1983, the company had already sold 360,000 pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses in the global market. Your precious God gifted eyes need high end protection. Your eyes enable you to see the diverse and beautiful nature in a sharp and clearer way but some defects in vision arise due to the direct exposure of eyes to ultra violet radiations. With a determined vision to provide utmost protection to your precious eyes, Ray Ban eyeglasses came into existence in the global market. The Ray Ban eyewear products are

ray ban eyeglasses
ray ban eyeglasses

comfortable to wear and are available in casual, sporty or formal designs to meet different style statements of the wearer. High quality frames with prescription lenses give you a perfect platform to enjoy the sight of nature with fun and excitement. The frames are made up of stainless steel and titanium material that adds to its long-lasting value. These well shaped frames are available in frameless, semi frame and full frame style. Savvy customers can buy eyeglasses online from various e-commerce websites on just a click of mouse. Online shopping of these Ray Ban eyeglasses will save a lot of precious time and money of the buyer.


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