Pure and Clear – Purevision 2 from Bausch & Lomb

I am a twenty-two years old healthy guy but I have been troubled by vision problems since childhood. I started wearing glasses when I was ten years old. However it has been three years since I have started using contact lenses. I experienced some hardships in switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses but that was chiefly due to wrong choice of contact lenses. I have sensitive eyes and whenever I wear contact lenses I get intra-ocular redness due to the friction. I tried almost all the existing contact lens brands but the irritation would simply not go. It was then that my Ophthalmologist suggested PureVision2 contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. I went ahead and gave it a shot, thinking that this would be the last brand that I would try and if it does not suit my eyes I would simply quit wearing contact lens. Oddly enough, these actually became the last contact lens that I tried as my search for suitable contact lenses ended here. Even though these contacts burned a bigger hole in my pocket but I didn’t really mind that because the results have been amazing.

PureVision2 contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb is made of Balafilcon A and is one of the thinnest lenses available in the market. These contact lenses provide an exceptional visual quality. These contact lenses come with Comfort Moist Technology that supports oxygen transmission that keeps your lenses moist and eyes bright besides ensuring a remarkably natural feel. The secret of these lenses lies in its design. These come with rounded edges that help in reducing friction between eyelids and contact lenses, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day. But that is not all! These lenses deliver a crisp vision and reduce the halo that is associated with night driving. These lenses come with a slight pale blue tint that helps you to find them easily in case they fall. These lenses are simply great, I have worn them at a stretch, for more than 10 to 12 hours and believe me, you just cannot feel that there is something in your eye.

PureVision2 simply does what it professes to do, the HD thing just works and I am really impressed with this pair. I have forgotten about various eye problems like watering, dryness, itchy eyes or other irritations like ocular redness etc. PureVision2 is solution to all your vision problems and even works well if you have got sensitive eyes. So I would advise you not to use any other brand of contact lenses that is available in the market if you have sensitive eyes. Go straight for PureVision2 and feel the difference for yourself. PureVision2 is the most convenient way of getting over the problem of vision correction and issues related to wearing contact lenses. Millions of people round the globe have switched to PureVision2 and I think it is your turn to give it a shot.

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