Prevention of Blindness Week: 7 tips

According a recent survey conducted by the Government of India, every one in three people is suffering from blindness. The good news is that blindness can be avoided by adapting simple life habits that can be included in the day-to-day lives effortlessly.

April 1-7 is celebrated as the Prevention of Blindness Week in India since 1960 and contributing its bit to the awareness campaign, Lenskart brings to you the measures that can be taken to prevent blindness.

Here you go:

  • Keep an eye on what you eat

Foods that are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, C and E are proved to have a positive impact on cataract. Include lots of green vegetables and fruits such as carrots, almonds, mangoes, strawberries in your diet. The right food also helps in fighting the causes of cataract and macular degeneration, which can ultimately lead to blindness. Eat right and make sure the health of your little helps remains intact.

  • Give them the gift of regular monitoring

Get them checked by the optometrists at least once in a year. Early detection can save you from a lot of diseases that may lead to blindness

Lenskart brings the eye-checkup setup at the comfort of your home with the OPTO service. Just enter you location and mobile number on the website, service will be at your home. With such easy access, what’s stopping you from the eye-checkup, make an appointment today!

  • Give up on smoking

With the uncountable risks of smoking, comes the risk of blindness too. Studies have shown that regular smoking puts you to a greater risk of cataract and macular degeneration, both of which can ultimately lead to blindness. When you inhale the smoke, cyanide mixes in the bloodstream and that destroys the healthy cells of eyes.

  • Check for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol every month

If you are at a higher risk of above mentioned diseases, do monitor their levels regularly. If left untreated or unmonitored, they may lead to vision loss and ultimately blindness.

  • Keep them protected from ultraviolet radiations

The skin around eyes is from the section of thinnest on the body and is susceptible to UV radiations. Long term exposure can result in damage of skin, eyelids and even structure of the eye. Ensure their safety by covering them with sunglasses whenever you go out.

  • Take vision changes seriously

If you notice even a slight change in your vision, do not let it pass! See your doctor immediately and get to the root cause of what is causing the changes. Leniency in this matter can cost you a lot, book an appointment the day you notice changes.

  • Give them the much needed rest

From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, eyes are on job. Let’s try and give them the much deserved break. Once in an hour, look at a distance for 30 seconds to relieve the strain. Twice a day, cover them with your palms and massage gently.

Inculcate these small and easy habits in your lifestyle and voila, vision problems let alone the blindness will stay at a distance that cannot be travelled by anyone.

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