Prachi Desai’s exclusive interview

Her path to stardom wasn’t an easy one, but Prachi Desai believes that “it’s been a wonderful journey.” Right out of college, she made it big on the silver screen with her super hit TV show Kasam se. Her role in Rock On! was highly appreciated and so was her new avatar that was sober, classy and opulent. “Discovering your style is a journey, it’s a hit and trial process. You try a lot of different things and then learn which works the best for you,” says the young actress. Prachi confesses on being a complete shopaholic and says she just can’t get enough of her shopping trips to Hong Kong and Dubai. In an exclusive interview with us, the simple and sophisticated Bollywood diva shares her style secrets.
An eye for right fit
The bubbly actress loves over-sized sunglasses. “They are striking and really fascinate me,” she says. But, unfortunately for her, they don’t really suit her sharp, petite features. “I don’t get to wear them too often. They don’t seem to suit the shape of my face. So, I have to go for other options which are a better fit like normal aviators,” Prachi says.
Prachi is a big fan of Bottega Veneta sunglasses. She is highly impressed by brand’s superlative quality, contemporary functionality and innovative designs. Eyewear from Gucci captivates the attention of the young star and she adores the brand for its luxury and sophistication.
Personal Style
“I am completely crazy about sling bags,” says Prachi with a cute expression on her face. “Sling bags are a joy to carry. Being small they don’t take away the attention from my outfit. The greatest advantage that they have is the fact that they are available in so many colours and unique designs. They are so convenient to use because of the ease that they provide, one can just carry them anywhere and to any occasion.”
She straps it up
Prachi believes her personal style is classy, striking and attractive.
She is quite a lover of designer timepieces. She loves to flaunt Michael Kors watches. “The designs of this brand are unique and have a distinct style appeal,” Prachi says.
“I do not like watches that have a very girlie look. I like the ones with straps especially in black, brown and red.”
Diamonds are her best friends
Prachi is quite fascinated with jewellery. The brand ambassador of Gili, Prachi feels incomplete if she isn’t wearing the right jewellery with her outfits.
While rings are her favourite piece of accessory, Prachi spends a lot on jewellery. Her most expensive purchase so far has been a pair of diamond danglers that she bought for her sister’s wedding recently.
Style Tip
Dress for comfort. It is very important to be at ease, no matter what you’re wearing.
Focus on staying fit. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink a lot of water as it removes all the toxins from your system.
Prachi’s dream role is what Julia Roberts has played in Pretty Woman. Prachi definitely is extremely pretty and stylish. We are confident that all of you are magnetized and inspired by our desi diva’s style.
By Nidhi Arora
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