Peek-a-boo with your shades

Similar Oversized Sunglasses

I more often than not get bored of my ‘very-basic-looking’ sunglasses.
I mean they’re a nice pair of red-rimmed Ray-Ban wayfarers. But, well you know, how women are, right?
So, currently I am into scalloped sunglasses. Have you seen the Chloe Oversized Square frame sunglasses?

similar sunglasess for women

And while I was busy with my quest for finding great stuff online, I also happened to come across some great DIY ideas for sunglasses which led me to this!

Similar Wayfarer Sunglasses

And, just like that, we can all have our versions of Chloe inspired scalloped sunglasses.

What you’ll need:

  1. Metallic nail strips. You can purchase a pack at any leading accessory store or even at your Nail art store
  2. A plain old pair of wayfarer sunglasses
  3. And a pair of scissors

online shopping for women sunglasses

Step 1: Take a strip of your nail strips and cut across them with your scissors.

Step 2: Then take 5 of the biggest nail strips and stick them on to the top of the rims just like this:

sunglasses shopping online

Step 3: Fold down the ends of the strips to give it a neat finish.

online shop for sunglasses

Repeat this on both sides of the frame. And then, you should have a pair of scalloped sunglasses that look like this:

similar wayfarer sunglases

Once you’re done, you’re ready to wear and flaunt your scalloped wayfarer sunglasses!

In fact, I know just what I need to do to my sunglasses. Better still, I’m going to DIY my sunglasses and show you pictures really soon. What about you? Are you going to be sharing some nice clicks with me?

I do love a good DIY, you know. 😉

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