What comes to your mind when we mention the colour ‘white’?
Plain, simple, formal, basic…errmm…how about pure, perfect, everlasting?
Speaking in terms of fashion, white is the base on which you build up the hues of your outfit. You use white to intensify a lighter colour. You sport a white to give contrast and render a distinctive look to your ensemble. And sometimes you just wear a white to highlight the dress itself. Out of all the trends that have come and rocked the fashion world, the timeless WHITE is there to stay.
The best example we can pull out here is of shoes – white shoes! They are elegant and occupy a special place in everyone’s wardrobe.


We’d make it exciting for you by telling you how to pair your best chosen eyewear with white shoes.
But, here is the tricky part.
If you get everything accurate, you will end up getting cool thumbs up from everyone around you. Otherwise you are the namakool walking fashion disaster in the street. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Pair-up with wayfarers

With white sneakers and Wayfarers, set fashion goals for everyone. And to fill up the blank space in between your head and toes, let’s throw in some striped T-shirt and shorts (chinos or jeans) and you are good to go for the summer look. Ladies can follow suit with skirts or denims shorts.
You’ll feel like the Sun is shining just for you.

Let’s go back a little in time

Remember those days when the All-Star Converse was the global shoe sensation? Well, the good news is that white Converse shoes still turn heads, given that you complete it with a pair of distressed slim fit jeans (neatly folded up works too) and clean casual tees. For the ladies, a plaid/denims shirt tied around the waist just makes you look fresh, elegant and perfect with a white shoe.
And here comes the most important part. Use a retro pair of black round sunglasses to top it up. And if you think you have second options on the choice of goggles, No! Nothing else will do!
We recommend wristbands and hats too!

Game changer for the ladies

Let’s shuffle things up, ladies! Staying minimal works in summer and so, the idea is to look simple, yet stylish. And nothing plays this style game better than a romper or a jumpsuit paired with white sneakers. The challenge here is to wear a pair of pilot sunglasses, which many of you are hesitant about. If you are stepping out in the summer heat, you might as well step out of your comfort zone too. Give it a shot and be a part of a style that is changing the fashion game forever.

Let’s crank up the heat, boys!

Thrash the weather with a white Stan Smith or Superstar for a casual evening outing or deck up your gym outfit with a pair of white yeezy or canvas. You can wear a comfortable cotton tee and shorts or slip into smart casuals. Finish your statement with aviators or clubmasters.

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