P for Perfect, P for POLAROID!


What do you have to say about a bottle of wine which is 75-years-old? An ultimate bliss for its connoisseurs! For lovers of special polarised lenses in sunglasses, what could be better than enjoying 75 years of pure excellence and experience of the brand Polaroid. Dr. Edwin H. Land, the inventor of polarised technique, a child prodigy, got interested in the phenomenon of the polarised lenses and invented the first synthetic light polarizer in 1929 and rest is history!

A big gala event world over took place with Polaroid leaving no stone unturned to spill the magic and celebrate 75 years of innovation and excellence. From Milan to Paris to Singapore, the world saw it all.

Here’s a quick glance about what Polaroid has been up to for all these years.

Style of 1930s

Post World War II era where colonisation was ending for some and Beatles were the kings of all times, we saw a lot of upheaval around. Many brands like Polaroid and Ray-Ban, came up with sunglasses inspired by the ones worn by the Armed Forces for a heroic touch.

Style of the era gone by

While industrialisation was at its peak & the world was plunged in the songs of Elvis Presley, Polaroid gave life a different perspective by lending the shape of sunglasses a complete U-turn.


A post modern era, enabled revolution of the contemporary to modern shapes which we still can’t get enough of, like the glamorous and sexy cat eyes.

Latest trend

I have been using model F8320 by Polaroid and trust me here, it just could not have got any better! The world looks pretty different from up here. EEccchhoooooo….ooo..ooo..ooo


Enough of history! Let’s get to the fashion bit a little now. The celebrities, sports people and beauty queens are all running high on Polaroid fever. Former Miss Earth Irinia De Giorgi and famous football player Carlton Cole are grooving in the frenzy of the classic look of Polaroi — joining hands with the icons of today, such as Lady Gaga, as their creative director for Speciality projects, Polaroid proves that no matter how technologically advanced it becomes, it never fails to weigh fashion in the same ratio.

Part Picture Courtesy of hpility.blogspot.in

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