On the eyes of melody men

You hum their tunes every now and then. Their songs are everywhere around you – from your iPod to mobile phone to even the music player in your car.

You must have guessed by now who I’m talking about. Yes, the melody makers of Bollywood. But how much we really know our music men, you may ask. Well, gone are the days when music composers used to stay in the background forever. The new generation of Bollywood music directors are as much media-savvy as the heroes on screen. And boy, they do have a style statement to watch out for!

Talking about style, the music composers of our B-Town have a penchant for eyewear. Be it specs or sunnies, their eye fashion speaks a lot. At times suave and at times voguish, our music maestros are as varied in their eyewear style as in their music genres.

So, let’s have a look at what’s trending on the eyes of the music men.


vishal shekhar

No, they don’t do the Lungi dance, but the duo can make you get on the dance floor with their tunes even before you count to 4. Same goes for their sunglasses style – smart, peppy and modish. While Vishal loves the sporty macho lookexperimenting with his black rectangular or playful Aviator sunnies, Shekhar prefers to keep it cool and smart with his penchant for classic Aviators.



The troika made you feelZinda all over again with their melodies, but when it comes to eyewear fashion Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy go Jhoom Barabar Jhoom with élan. Stylish, cool and sporty – that’s the mantra behind their sunglasses. While both Shankar and Ehsaan prefer dark-toned rectangular frames, Loy is more into sporty sunnies. Rock On!! In style SEL!



His tracks may make you create a Dhoom on the party floor with your heart going Badtameez all the way, but when it comes to his eyewear style Pritam loves keeping it geeky. Black rimmed rectangular eyeglasses with thick temples have become the Barfi!-man’s signature style. However, Pritam went for a makeover when he showed up in Aviator-styled eyeglasses at a recent award function.

Amit Trivedi


From the soulful Manmarziyan to the funky Emosanal Attyachaar, Amit Trivedi has proved his versatility time and again. Often called a ‘killer musician’ and an heir-apparent to AR Rahman, Amit likes to stick to the dignified minimalistic style even with his eyeglasses. His nerdy broad rectangular black spectacles have become his trademark fashion as he’s seen in them everywhere. Geeky is new cool peeps!

Shantanu Moitra



He made our heartsgoZoobi Doobiwith his lilting Piyu Bole in Parineeta, and we instantly knew that bande mein hai dum!Shantanu Moitra has travelled across wide genres of music ranging from to folk. But few things about him have remained constant – his bald look, eye-catching sideburns and his eyeglasses. Shantanu prefers sleek rectangular black eyeglasses that gel well with his sophisticated demeanour.

 Do you know any other music director who’s created a style statement with his eyewear? Do let us know. Drop in your comments in the box below. Till then keep humming!

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