Old wine in new bottle – not a bad idea!

I’ve never been one who throws away old used items. I always believe in the phrase ‘One’s man trash is another man’s treasure’.

As a bespectacled, I have tons of old frames and the thought of recycling old eyewear got me all excited. The next thing I had to do was to get inspired! I was amazed when I found out that there were so many things you can do with your old eyewear, eyeglasses case and lens case.

So, here are some of the cool ideas I found. Why not give them a try? 🙂

Bling it with your blinkers

For all the ladies who love to add a little chunky jewelry to your look, these cool and chic accessories, made with eyewear lenses, are the way to go.

Sunglasses DIY

Create some cool and stylish pendants with your old sunglasses.

chic lens earrings

Or funk them up into these chic lens earrings!


Deck the halls

If you’re a homemaker, you will absolutely love these decoration pieces made entirely of, yes, old eyeglasses and sunglasses.

picture frame of an old vintage frame

An adorable way to capture memories, you can make a picture frame out of an old vintage frame.

shady shades

How about some shady shades? This is a psychedelic way to brighten your room.

Snowmen painted on two old pairs of frames

I found this real adorable. A brilliant Christmas decoration idea – Snowmen painted on two old pairs of frames.


Chic little cases

Make another chic accessory with your old spectacle cases. Decorate and bedazzle your old spectacle cases and you have a lovely clutch.

chic accessory with your old spectacle cases

eyeglass case

Organizing – Is your handbag always cluttered? Use an eyeglass case to store phone accessories, manicure set and store your to-go makeup kit. You can even have an emergency sewing kit.

sewing kit

Small yet useful

Before you throw away those little contact lens cases, think about it! These little cases can come in handy.

contact lens cases

They make the perfect cases for knick-knacks. You can also use them as a daily pill organizer.


Wait! There’s more…

Apart from all of these amazing things you can do with your old eyewear, there are other stuffs you can do with your used eye frame.

Halloween props – Don’t throw away those vintage round frames. In fact, keep it aside for next Halloween and dress up your kid or sibling as Harry Potter.

vintage round frames

Party props – Want some fun props for your next party? Here is when those old eyeglasses come in handy. You can easily decorate the frames and use them as party props.

party props

Or simply donate them. Many charities collect eyeglasses to give to people in need who can’t afford them.

All you need is a little inspiration and let your creativity flow through, because you just can’t beat creating something impressive while simultaneously saving a buck!

If you have more fun ideas, you can leave it in the comments below. 🙂


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