Old school vs. new school of filmy eyewear

Ah! With summers coming to an end, I find myself reminiscing about those sunny days when I would flash my stylish sunglasses. Flaunting a pair of my favourite sunnies, cold drinks & ice creams in hand and going out to watch summer blockbusters – summers weren’t as bad either.

I also find myself wondering about the film industry and how they celebrate summertime trend.

But do you ever wonder how a certain accessory, like a pair of sunnies matches a character perfectly? Well, I certainly do believe a lot of detailing goes into finding the quintessential pair. Here is a list of characters, both from yesteryear blockbusters and today’s hits, who I believe flaunted the perfect eyewear.

Battle of the Wayfarers

Battle of the Wayfarers

Are you a little surprised to see a comedy drama and a vampire romance film put together?

Well, don’t be! It’s no surprise that I added Risky Business here. During an era when Disco almost killed Ray-Ban, Tom Cruise single-handedly revived the brand. The famous scene, where his character in the 1983 movie puts on a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, became iconic.

What can I say about Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen! The pretty-boy vampire flaunted a pair of wayfarer sunglasses looking quite mischievous in the first Twilight movie.

With a lot of teenaged girls swooning over him, Pattinson undeniably looks dashing but Cruise definitely wins the battle of the Wayfarers.

Who wore it better?


The ‘boy who lived’ and ‘Indy’ go head-to-head in this battle. While both these characters are brave & heroic, there is one other thing they’re both famous for – their geeky personas.

When Harry isn’t out looking for horcruxes or fighting off dementors, he’s just your regular student with nerdy round glasses. Likewise, Henry Jones is a scholarly professor in tweed jackets and round glasses. But when the opportunity for an adventure arises, he becomes Indiana ‘Indy’ Jones.

Harrison Ford’s character maybe iconic, but Daniel Radcliffe wins in this round. Having garnered a vast fan following in recent years, Harry Potter is the clear winner when it comes to ‘who flaunted the round eyeglasses best’. Sorry, Indy, I guess you should stick to your fedora and bullwhip.

Classic vs. modern

Audrey Hepburn

While one of them is an iconic figure from yesteryears, the other is a contemporary actor.

Audrey Hepburn’s classic look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a definite favourite. Her Oliver Goldsmith’s Wayfarer is quite timeless. The shape, size and colour fit her with so much perfection.

Emma Stone’s character in the movie Easy A is not your typical female lead character. Donning a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, she looks more like a Rock Star.

Emma Stone

It’s not a hard decision. The classic ensemble, the black dress, long black gloves, pearl necklace and, of course, the sunglasses, worn by Hepburn is the ultimate winner.

Comic or dramatic? 

The Hangover II

Is this another weird combination? The 2011 comedy is going up against the 1983 classic crime-drama movie.

Say hello to Tony Montana’s little friend, a pair of oversized Aviators. This pair of sunglasses with gradient lens sported by Al Pacino in his movie Scarface became popularly associated with the character. While the tinted sunglasses flaunted by Bradley Cooper in The Hangover II are also quite memorable. They are quite trendy and chic!

Tony Montana’s Aviator is perennial and classy, and I believe it should stay that way.

A tribute

Steel Magnolias

I actually chose these movies because of Anne Hathaway and Daryl Hannah’s characters in The Princess Diaries and Steel Magnolias respectively. They both look so similar with the unkempt hairdo and the retro-geeky eyeglasses. I am saluting the two talented and lovely actresses for their talent and for making geeky glasses look chic.

geeky glasses

The B-wood World

The Bollywood fashion scene can sometime be a hit or a miss. But over the years, we have seen some of the greatest B-wood stars flaunting some of the most classic eyewear. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Vinod Khanna’s love for Aviator can be seen in his 1973 movie Anokhi Ada. Khanna wore the classic style in golden frames and brown lens. Since then, Bollywood hasn’t looked back. Also seen sporting the classic golden rim Aviators is Salman Khan in his 2010 film, Dabangg.

Veteran actress Sadhana created this classic geeky look in her film Love in Simla. Current fashion icon and actress Sonam Kapoor is wise to set this retro-geek trend. Seen here, in the movie Bewakoofiyaan, she’s sporting the cat-eye frames.

cat-eye sunglasses

In the film, Arzoo, Sadhana is seen sporting a very trendy pair of cat-eye sunglasses along with aspen outfit for a very classy look. Aishwarya Rai is also seen sporting cat-eye frames in her film Guzaarish. This beauty can pull off any look.

snazzy pair of Wayfarers

Understated yet stylish, Rajendra Kumar had a classy sense of style. In his movie Arzoo, he sported a snazzy pair of Wayfarers, a look that was loved by all. A classic trend still followed by actors today, as seen sported by Saif Ali Khan in Agent Vinod.

Over the years, eyewear in movies have been bringing in pretty amazing performances. For generations, sunglasses and eyeglasses have been appearing in hit films and TV shows. They can make a character very memorable as they play a vital role in our popular culture. One thing I am sure of is that the love affair between movies and eyewear will continue to remain strong, to give us more styles to love, follow and flaunt.

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