Old celebs with contemporary eyewear

When wrinkles appear in place of dimples, do fans stop buzzing around the celebrities? Hardly! Once a style-icon, always a style-icon – so prove our veteran celebrities.

Here’s a list of those stars who have aged in style and let their eyes do all the talking.

Amitabh Bachchan

He may not possess as much energy and his eyes may look droopy owing to old age, but 71-year-old Shehenshah of Bollywood till date makes heads turn. Recently, in KBC Season 7, AB sported some of the funkiest wayfarer eyeglasses. Geeky, colorful and totally in-trend.

Amitabh Bachchans spectacle eyeglass frmaes

His outrageous attire may have left a few tongues wagging but his eyewear have been a trend setter.

Spectacle Frames

Elton John

Even at 66, Sir Elton John continues to maintain his evergreen flamboyant look with his colourful accessories. The never-ending love of this veteran English musician for funky eyeglasses is well known to his fans worldwide. Colour and quirk go hand-in-hand. Look at these eye-catching unique frames with his usual tinted lenses.

Elton John wearing eyeglasses

Elton John wearing eyewear

I found these two for myself online:

Red eyeglasses frames

red eyeframes

Robert Downey Jr.

Grace is truly coming to this actor with growing age. And his eyewear sure defines his style statement now. Even at the Red Carpet Premiere of Ironman 3, Robert Downey Jr walked with such panache in his tuxedo and wayfarer eyeglasses that the cameras did not get any breathing space. Thick temples and tinted lenses, usually in purple or amber, the Hollywood actor’s eyewear is sure a trend-setter.

robert downey eyewear

Nothing like signature style, but his classic Aviators with custom blue lenses are truly breathtaking.

robert downey eyewear

Are you impressed? Try these.

dakota smith eyeglasses

dakota smith eyeglass



Meryl Streep

Remember the moment, “Ohhh sh**, I forgot my glasses”? Meryl Streep can hardly be without her eyeglasses. And she proved it on the Golden Globes stage too. So charming and vivacious even at her 64, her rectangular and oval range of eyewear only make her look more elegant.

Hey, her cat eyeglasses are pretty too and don’t young fashionistas follow this style?

Meryl Streep in her eyeglasses

colored eyeglasses

red eye frames

Diane Keaton

Like a true fashionista, her style statement talks louder than ever at 67. She always likes to wear quirky accessories and loves to show her elegant figure. But you would like her more for her oval rimless eyeglasses. They make her look elegant, mysterious, smart and sexy – all at the same time.

Diane Keaton eyewear

Eye frames


Ageing with grace, these celebrities have proved that it’s important to be young at heart. They continue to define style not just for their age group but for younger generations too. And haven’t we always been telling you – your eyewear defines your looks. “Glasses make faces,” so says Lenskart, and rightly so! 😉

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