Oh Snap! These ‘Spectacles’ are ridiculously fun

Summer is almost upon us, and no accessory is as important as sunglasses. Our favourite way to capture the summertime madness is through Snapchat – and now we have a way to combine both the essentials!

Snap Inc, which owns Snapchat, has come out with camera fitted goggles, and named them ‘Spectacles’ (Looks like they have caught the specsy bug too!). A combination of eyewear AND technology? Count us in!

The coolest part about them is that you’re actually filming what you see. You don’t miss the moment by pulling out a phone, opening up Snapchat and taking the video – the camera is right on your face, ready to record.

We’re excited to break down everything to there is to know about it, and offer a few tips along the way!

Snapchat Spectacles can record short videos which are automatically saved to your Snapchat Memories. The camera is designed to mimic the way human eyes actually see. The playful yet thoughtful design is perfect for a day out. Syncing it with the app is a breeze – just explore the settings section and click Spectacles.

Your friends will also know that you are recording, with a small circular LED light around the camera lens that spins after pressing the record button.

Tips to ace the snap game

Get handy!

The real fun of spectacles is sharing things from your own perspective. Include your hands in your shots. Eat things, play games, drive a car, shake hands – let the world know what you are up to!

Be your creative best

Snapchat got insanely popular in the first place because of its filters. Try mixing Spectacles these. The reverse filter is our favourite!

Go outdoors

While indoor filming is still a great option with Spectacles, the real opportunity is outdoors where the lighting is much better. If you’re shooting indoors, try to find some natural or white light to capture your snap. Other than, that getting creative is the best way to go!

Spectacles have achieved what few other gadgets have – making technology accessories cool. It’s a shame the access is so limited as of now. But those of you who have laid hands on it, there’s a whole lot of fun to be captured. Go to the beach, play tennis, see a sunset, and enjoy hands-free, phone-free moments.a

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