‘Oculus Reparo’… Round it up for fashion

Harry Potter

Started in 1997, the journey of the ‘boy who lived’ has seen meandrous turns and twists. Transcending the character in a popular fiction series, Harry Potter became a profit milking body for the capitalists. The boy could be seen on children’s clothes, accessories, FMCG products et al. But that’s how a capitalist economy works! Isn’t it?

I am amazed by the way a so-called nerd, a.k.a Harry Potter, has influenced the fashion front so much that round-shaped eyeglasses are no more the thing of the dweebs only. While my friend’s li’l nephew wears round glasses, my maternal uncle has also gone round with his spectacles recently.


A metallic, rounded pair of eyeglasses is the talk of the town now!

A suprising thing to note: While the chant ‘Episkey’ could heal minor injuries instantly and ‘Aveda kedavara’ could kill a witch/wizard/muggle, the magic failed to repair weak eyesight. What makes sense here is that the character building was done with the help of the spectacles he wore. A thick rimmed round ones, made you a geek whereas half-moon spectacles could make you the most powerful wizard ever (yes I am referring to Dumbledore).

Fun fact: Dumbledore is the name of a bee!


So my 21-year-old cousin — on a shopping spree for sunglasses — asks me: “Am I in shape?” I replied: “Of course, is round not a shape?”

Despite round shape being the hottest fad, we had to buy square-shaped sunglasses owing to her round face. But if you have a square shaped face, buy the round-shaped sunglasses/eyeglasses with closed eyes.

Because in contrast, it will subtle out evenly the sharp features of a square face and take the attention to your beautiful eyes.

Round sunglasses

It’s all this simple to be a voguish beauty, just like the Harry-Potter-world where everything is just a flick (of a stick) away. Like ‘he who must not be named’ says, “Mean what you say!”, I say ‘Wear what you mean’,  ‘Accio fashion’.


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