October: Month of oomph and talent

As the month of October draws to a close, we pay a tribute to all those Librans/Scorpions who are born dreamers and charmers. By their very nature, these people are talented and natural performers. The creative zeal within them comes to the fore as soon as they hit the stage. Most October born celebs are known for their singing talent. Here’s a list of our most loved celeb performers who have taken the world by a storm, not just with their melodious voice, but also with their impeccable sense of style.

smiling face

Gwen Stefani (Oct. 3)

She is glamorous, has a voice that can melt many a hearts and performs with such ease that everyone gets drawn into her act naturally. Gwen, a songwriter, actress and a fashion designer is known for being the jack of all trades. She emerged as a leading force in the pop music circuit in the late 20s and much like Madonna, Stefani wooed her fans with her personal style statement.

We just love her unusual sunglasses collection. Stefani sure knows to mix them well. She has one that goes with every attire!

unusual sunglass collection

Bruno Mars (Oct. 8)

This Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter stands out for being a super performer and a style icon all rolled into one. Bruno Mars often reminds me of the ultimate Pop-star Michael Jackson who is known as the king of Pop for a good reason. Like MJ carried fashion and style on his finger tips, so does Mars. he makes a statement without much ado. I adored MJ’s thick rimmed Wayfarer sunglasses as much as I love Mars in his Club masters.

Bruno Mars

John Lennon (Oct. 9)

Lennon exudes confidence and coolness as soon as he takes to the stage. His music and ideologies have left a remarkable impact on the society and so has his casual dressing style. Although, I have a round face, I love the thin wire-rimmed style of glasses that Lennon was seen sporting on most dos.

John Lennon

Ashok Kumar (Oct.13)

The legendary Ashok Kumar had an aura around him with his deep husky voice and method acting. He defined the cool-hero look in the 70s and 80s in Bollywood with his thick-rim bold frames. The glasses have made a strong comeback this season. Today, they are known as hipsters 🙂

Ashok Kumar

Usher (Oct.14)

Usher aka the badshah of hip-hop needs no introduction. Whether on the stage or while he is on the streets, Usher’s style stands out from miles away.  He switches his glares often and carries them with panache.

If you want to mimic Usher’s look, do not forget to compliment the attire with oversized frames. The guy just rocks this look. Something like these will work…


Eminem (Oct. 17)

13-times Grammy Award winner and popular hip-hop icon, Eminem, is quite flexible when it comes to styling. He likes to keep his fans guessing with his new look that he wears each time. But his most ardent listeners have this image of him imprinted in their minds – his head gear, leather jacket or a hoodie is what defines Eminem for them. His steel full-rim rectangular eyeglasses also used to be quite a vogue during those days but Eminem only wears them off-stage now.


Snoop Dogg (Oct. 20)

It’s not just his style of singing that is unique and refreshing. Snoop Dog has quirk written all over him. The popular rapper and hip hop artist who has churned out many a hits in his time has a penchant for eyeglasses. Whether he is on the stage performing or he is off it, one will always find Snoop Dogg with his fav big black sunglasses. He does like to mix it up once in a while with colourful rims. Here’s what we mean.

Snoop Dogg

Katy Perry (Oct. 25)

The diva is known to set the stage on fire as soon as she steps on it! Her eclectic style combined with her melodious voice makes Perry one of the most successful performers of her time. She has never shied away from sporting quirky fashion accessories and loves to experiment with a new look very often. If you are the sorts who don’t like to stick to a certain style in eyewear, you will love what Perry does. Her style is often punchy with a touch of retro.

Katy Perry

Eyeball grabbing styles, aren’t they? If you are born in October and have a thing for stylish eyewear like our favorite celebs, tell us about your mantra in the comments below.

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