Nerd, The New Sexy!

A few years ago, the television introduced us to an unattractive, awkward, but intelligent looking character. Pssst. Just like the Ugly Betty. Remember!

Jassi and Ugly Betty

This bespectacled derpy-nerd with braces, bushy eyebrows and awful taste for style and fashion was a total disaster at making impressions at work. We all know why! Eh?

Her life was an actual tossed salad of embarrassing tales and awkward situations that made her life hellish. Someone screamed out aloud, “Watch out, Jassi!” She tumbled at great gatherings. She dropped expensive articles at big events. She even managed to make an awkward entry when she first met her beloved boss.

Jassi bosses

But in the end, she won. Her awkward style of wearing big geeky glasses actually became the hottest trend of the season since then. Blame her beautiful story. We are in love with her style of eyeglasses. If she was a real character, I would have kissed her hand and said, ‘thank you’.

no one like jassi

So, who says you can’t look pretty in big glasses (*rolling up me sleeves*)? Who says wearing big glasses is only a geek’s business? Seriously, gone are the days when looking nerdy was never beautiful. Let’s admit it folks, ‘Nerd’ is the new ‘sexy’. It is the new ‘oomph’ factor you can add to your looks. How? Take a close look here.

The geek look

I adore my big blue eyeglasses and I love to wear them with everything possible. Wayfarers and other oversized eyeglasses are available in every colour and pattern. All you need is an original style of your own. Wanna see my collection? Here it is.


As seen above(clockwise from top left):

1) John Jacobs 88011 Black Wooden C6 Wayfarer Eyeglasses

2) John Jacobs 110665 Black C6 Wayfarer Eyeglasses

3) Oakley OX3090 22-193 SIZE53 Eyeglasses

4) Ray-Ban RB5287 2012 SIZE:52 Tortoise Wayfarer Eyeglasses

5) Vivid 5055 Black Maroon C2 Wayfarer Eyeglasses

6) Vincent Chase M-1020 Tortoise Wayfarer Eyeglasses

7) Ray-Ban RX5184 2479 SIZE:52 Black White Red 2479 Men’s ZYL Frame Eyeglasses

8) Oakley OX3090 22-193 SIZE:53 Eyeglasses

9) (Center) Ray-Ban RB5286 2034 SIZE53 Black Wayfarer Eyeglasses

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