Neons are in!


Even though we’re experimenting with colours today, but how much are we ready for? Shed all the inhibitions this summer, and let your eyes do the talking with shades in Neon colours.

From Blues to Yellows; From Pinks to oranges… Sport anything that pleases your eyes. From Hollywood starlets to sporting icons, everyone’s stung by this colourful extravaganza!

The 80s are back and in style. Neon shades are engulfing the fashion minded people with a rage. Visit University campuses or Sunday hang-outs, there is no chance that you’d miss out on noticing how many people are sporting these. 

Designer Manish Arora’s Fish Fry collection would come to your mind while thinking of these sunglasses, but you don’t have to wear anything bizarre to compliment the neons on your eyes. In fact, they’d look the coolest with a plain white shirt and denims.

Caught on camera: Ashley Tisdale, the popular star/singer from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

 Ashley is sporting a rather carefree look coupled with bright red Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

 Not just this young star, but Katy Perry too is not hesitant while donning a diva’s avatar — all in her neon green Prada sunglasses. At the Dream Foundation’s 11th annual Celebration of Dreams Gala recently, the pop singer made a statement with these shades which were accompanied by a rather summerish dress in sea green.


Bring the 80s to 2013, and bear the scorching heat outside in style.

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