Monsoon Tip



• Light & Good in appearance.
• Better vision correction due to the reduced obstruction
from eyeglasses frames.
• No splattering during rain showers.
• Less hassle as they don’t get in the way during sports
and other recreational activities.

bausch and lomb

Bausch & Lomb Lenses is dedicated towards making solutions for all sorts of vision issues and eye health issues. Bausch & Lomb clearly states its mission as ‘Helping you see better to live better’.

contact lenses

johnson and johnson

With high water content, Johnson & Johnson contact lenses are a joy to wear on an everyday basis. They are enriched with a moisture-rich agent, the comfortable contact lenses don’t let the natural moisture of your eyes dry out keeping you feeling fresh.

acuvue contact lenses

ciba vision

Using the latest technology, Ciba Vision contact lenses is making a difference in people’s lives by improving, protecting and preserving eyesight with its superior products. Air Optix lenses for Astigmatism provides clear, comfortable and consistent vision.

ciba vision contact lenses

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