Monsoon style alert: Way for wayfarers

After bearing with the scorching heat of summer, the only thing that brings some relief is the eagerly awaited season of Monsoon.

Monsoon style wayfarers

Monsoons are fun. Looking at the droplets trickling down the window panes, with a steaming cup of coffee and may be some pakodas :), life suddenly becomes pleasant. However, the thought of stepping out always invites some fear. Even as people are shrouded under umbrellas, you have to get your attire and accessories right. After all, not everything can do justice to the moist pleasant air.Red Stylish Sunglasses

Just as there will be joy after every pain, the sun shines after every rain. The grey clouds in the sky and stormy rain always turn back into pretty, blue skies and the bright sunshine. So, keep in mind to carry a pair of stylish sunglasses with you always.

As we take you through the sunglasses trends this season, you will notice there are a couple of things that one needs to be sure of to enjoy the season in style.

For monsoons, sunglasses with metal frames should be avoided. Instead, opt for acetate (aka plastic) frames. This will avoid skin infection due to rusting of the metal and conduction of heat in bright sunshine.

Celebrity Colorful Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses could be the popular choice of the season. Wayfarers with lighter or gradient tints that have less curvature should be opted for the better visibility in the cloudy weather.

Continued rainfall tends to dampen the spirits and, therefore, the colors you choose for your sunglasses in monsoons should be bright and lively.

Whether it’s a casual walk around the city, an outing with family or an event to attend, Jessica Alba has been spotted in different colours every time. See some of her favorites below.

Celebrity Colorful Mirror Sunglasses

Selena Gomez makes just the right monsoon statement here. Mirror sunglasses in blue and aqua colour with bright coloured frames… That’s a thumbs-up from us.

selena gomez hot colourful wayfarer sunglasses

Another important thing: Go for the hydrophobic & super-hydrophobic coated lenses for monsoons. These lenses come with a special coating that completely repels water and heavy oils, making it a hassle-free eyewear.

Have a look at some of the celebs who are going light and bright with their sunglasses.

Celebrity Wayfarer Sunglasses

Look at Kate Hudson taking a stroll around the city on a rainy day with her boyfriend. Aren’t her red wayfarers looking just perfect?

She also experiments a lot with her sunglasses. Here’s a proof:

Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses

Diane Kruger, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift’s sunglasses below send a RED-alert!

Red frame Wayfarer Sunglasses

Vanessa Hudgens also goes for red bright sunglasses:

Vanessa Hudgens red bright sunglasses

Other than this, your sunnies must be stylish, extremely light weight and durable.

We hope with all these tips at the back of your head, you are going to rock this monsoon season with uber style.

Ciao till next time.

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