Mirror, mirror on the – Eyes

Want to know the latest mantra to be that popular cool guy or gal? Just chant the deadly mantra which did the little Snow White in: “Mirror, mirror on the wall… err.. Eyes”

Yes! That popular aviator with those flashy, reflective lenses in bright colours are back with a bang. Now check out that hot chic without giving anybody a hint while flaunting the stylish reflects mirror glasses. From the classes to the masses, all have been sporting this cool pair of shades.

Check out Brad Pitt looking absolutely ‘yummy’ in the mirrored Ray-Ban Aviators.


The youthful fashionista Hillary Duff also decided to step out of her comfort zone and daunt her style with mirrored glasses. Mirrored sunglasses have been making a statement in all major fashion weeks this spring season.


My assiduous friend Priya also has a weird reason to make state with these glasses. “They provide about 40% more protection to my eyes than other sunnies!” Ya! Ya! Hide the truth behind those reflections as if I don’t know that we all like to be a trendy diva 😉


They said Aviators are for the heroes. In contemporary times, women have done it all which was traditionally a male bastion. Look at Nicole Hilton showcasing the strong influential 21st century woman in those super cool mirror aviators.

Nicky Hilton Aviator Sunglasses style

Whatever you choose to wear, wherever you choose to wear it… this spring season just remember to make that ultimate statement with these revisiting retro classics.

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