Men, Keep calm & wear goggles

Which is that one accessory that understands men the best? All hands up for sunglasses!

Wonder why?

The love of men for sunglasses is not new, and everyone has his own reason to keep them close. Here are some situations where sunnies save Men – in a big way.

Target rich environment

tom cruise sunglasses for aviator

Men will be men! They have an eye for the beauty and the beautiful! Ranjhanas and Romeos step out with dark sunglasses on, and head towards the locality where they can silently observe the ‘beauties’ without getting caught. Now, you also must be remembering the time when you eyed your crush in the college from behind the sunglasses!

Danger close

govinda sunglasses

When girlfriend is walking right next to you and you can’t afford to look at another girl who is worth looking at, it’s time to put your sunglasses on! In order to evade any such unwanted situation men stick to sunglasses whether it’s sunny or shady outside.

Being chef


You may always crib about the healthy food cooked by your mom, but if she is out of the kitchen for a day, you just can’t stop tears rolling out of your eyes! Remember the time when you have to chop onions? Why not do this ‘tear-ing’ task with the added protection of sunglasses!

Riders of the storm

Motorcycle & Sportbike Eyewear

Next time when you step out for a tashan with your first love, your motor bike, concentrate just on safety and style. Forget about the irritation of tears coming out in regular intervals because of the fast wind. Your sunglasses are there to filter the wind and to increase the excitement even further. Sunglasses are the biggest saviors for those who can’t compromise on the bike style.


Failed mission

She will say yes or no? Well… it can be anything, so be prepared! It’s always wise to carry your sunglasses along when you are going to propose her. If rejected, sunglasses will help hiding your tears.

Men have a different meaning of fun, and with sunglasses, they make it even large!  If you also have any such interesting reason of wearing sunglasses, why not make it public by sharing it with us.


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