How to match your lipstick with your glasses

Sassy shade of lipstick and I-am-too-cool-for-school eyewear is a match made in heaven. From pop queens Rihanna and Jennifer Anniston to our desi-fashionistas, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, these women have time and again experimented with (and rocked) many eyewear-lipstick pair. But with multiple shades of lipstick and eyewear waiting us to pick them, how on Earth should we start with the color selection? If that’s your daily struggle too, read on – because we are spilling beans on how to get your lipstick and eyewear shades right and work that combo like dream.

Oversized black eyewear + statement lips = Don’t mess with me dude

Some things simply work better together, like a pair of black oversized (or not) glasses and bold lips. Be it fiery red shine or dark gothic maroon, a quick swipe of these bold colors paired up with black eyewear is all you need to instantly transform your look. So, when in doubt, wear black and bold.

Tortoise Shell + Coral lips = Equal parts class and sass

Timeless tortoiseshell glasses call for all glam lips. Bring on the drama with a tangerine or deep coral lips and to complete the match, throw in a pair of your favorite startling tortoise shell glasses.

Pro tip, if you are cool-toned then go with darker orange shade and if you have warmer complexion, coral stain is your true match.

Clear frames + Nude lips = My face but better

In an au natural state of mind? Then put your fresh face forward with barely there lip color and a pair of clear frames. Dark and vivid lips and clear frames is the biggest no-go. To bring focus on your classic clear frames go with your favorite nude lip shade and flaunt that “I woke up like this” look.

Pastel eyeglasses + vivid lips = Trend of the year

So are you ready to hop on the fashion bandwagon? Pastel eyeglasses and vivid lips make for the year’s hottest trend and if you are missing out on these two together, you are giving a pass to year’s major fashion sensation. Be it Lilac lips, paired with cream-colored eyeglasses or rose-tinted eyeglasses paired matching lips, this combo is sure to turn heads.

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