Make way for quirky sunglasses

From glasses shaped like lips and designer frames that resemble a spider, to those which are shaped like hands covering the eyes, when it comes to wearing quirky, nothing can beat the latest sunglasses collection on the shelves. They are stylish and ‘out-of-the-world’ – quite literally.

Are you looking to dress smart, yet different this season? We tell you how to get that quirk on without compromising on quality and safety of your precious eyes.

  1. The Yaz Bukey by Linda Farrow

These funky sunglasses are here to make an impact! The red lips frame cut has resonated with the Western world and is soon going to make its presence felt in parts of Asia. If you are someone who follows quirk queen Lady Gaga’s fashion footsteps, you are going to simply adore these.

Lips Style Eyeglasses

2.  Delfina Delettrez’s eyewear collection

Imagine wearing a spider on your eyes, or sporting enameled eyeballs and skulls as an eyewear accessory! Designer Delfina with her unique collection of sunglasses has done it once again. She has managed to come up with something mind boggling, yet stylish.

Delfina’s collection might seem creepy to some but once worn, these sunglasses up your fashion ante like nothing else. Try one for yourself and you would know what we mean!

spider sunglasses3. Giles by Anna Sui

For those who wish to be in the fashion limelight at all times, it is essential to accessorize right. Remember, it’s not just the ensemble that counts, but also your shoes, bags and sunglasses that make you a fashion diva in the true sense of the word.

Designer Anna Sui has introduced style and quirk through her latest collection of sunglasses. A lot of glitter and glamour makes this pair a must have for every woman. Available in never-seen before shapes like heart, oval and diamond, this collection is climbing the fashion charts rather quirkily!

Cat eye Sunglasses4. Jeremy Scott X Linda sunglasses

If you are looking for something more quirky and fashionable, this collection is sure to blow you away!

Jeremy Scott brings you the happy mixture of crazy and funky all rolled into one in her new collection of farrow sunglasses. Her most talked about range is the one which appears as if the hands are covering the eyes. If you can carry the look, there is nothing that could measure up to this one in quirk factor!

special sunglasses5. The makeup glasses

Ladies, your troubles are now coming to an end. Gone are the days when eye makeup was  hell of a job and you had to think twice before applying the mascara or eyeliner. These multi-talented make-up glasses could come in handy for those who love made-up eyes. Makeup glasses look like normal ones with only one lens that could be flipped open. You can easily open it and apply your eye-makeup. Who says, convenience comes at a price?

Women eyeglasses

These completely quirky designs are for those daredevils who like to set a trend of sorts. If you are one amongst them, it’s time to make that switch from boring to exciting with these unique designs and shapes.

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