Make-up blunders all specsy lasses must avoid

Glasses go well with your glamour quotient. Wait…not until the make-up is right! Have you ever noticed what goes wrong sometimes even when you put perfect frames to highlight your beautiful eyes? It’s the nitty-gritty of make-up that you miss out on.

cat-eye eyeglasses

Be the caretaker of your own beauty! Give your eyes a gorgeous bespectacled look with a perfect make-up touch, and see how they play the role of a captivator effortlessly.

Dark smokey eyes with spectacles? A big no-no

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To get dramatic eyes that do all the talking, you don’t always need a dark eye shadow. When wearing glasses, prefer lighter shades to lend a subtle, yet inquisitive look to your eyes! Save the extra-dark smokey eyes for the times you are wearing contact lenses. Switch from black to unconventional shades like gray, blue and brown to create the lasting impression with your first sight.

Don’t go all matchy-matchy with eye liner and frame colour

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Using eyeliner of the same colour as your frames may sound great, but it will end up hiding the beauty of your eyes with the overdose of hues. Let your eyes be the highlight of your face by choosing an eye liner that is in contrast with the colour of your glasses’ frames.

Curled up specsy look

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Bold and beautiful eyes to make the right impression! You can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive by using an eyelash curler. But, be sure not to overdo it or else the lashes will clash with the lenses. Going overboard while highlighting your lower crease and lashes can cast a shadow beneath your eyes. So, while you have your glasses on, only add length to your upper lashes; and flutter them to make that someone special go weak at his knees.

Same shade of eye shadow and glasses’ frame is a not-to-make mistake

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Applying an eye shadow exactly the same shade as of your frames makes your eyes look blurry. Putting eye make-up a few shades lighter than the frame colour is a safer bet. Say, if your frames are black, you may choose a grey or a navy blue eye shadow. If the frames are brown, bronze or taupe eye shadow will do the trick.

Flawless skin for highlighted eyes

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All attention has to be on your beautiful eyes and not on any blemishes on your face! Specsy look highlights the charm in your eyes, but the spots or dark circles beneath them can play the spoiler role. Make it sure to apply concealer or foundation to prevent even a single spot coming in the way when you are trying to make the right contact.

Remember the mantra: ‘Thin with thin’ and ‘thick with thick’

Glasses with thin frames

Keep the stroke of your eye liner right! Glasses with thin frames call for thin application of eyeliner. Likewise, thick chunky frames complement thick eyeliner with strong bold strokes. Doing it vice versa can over-exaggerate your eyes (not in a good way) or make them look overly small.

Neglect your eyebrows, and you spoil it all


Not taking care of how your eyebrows look while sporting that bespectacled look can make you look messy and out of place. Brush through your eyebrows, tweeze them, apply brow gel, shape them with a pencil or do whatever it takes to redefine your eyebrows. After all, they are the ones that frame the frames of your glasses!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But why be the spoiler of your balanced and appealing specsy look by ignoring the nitty-gritty of make-up! Wear the right make-up on your charming face to grab everyone’s attention at the first glance.



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