Love comes through Rose-tinted Glasses

Two days to go!!! I can see it in all your eyes; you’re love struck and excited about what to gift your lover and what you’re going to get in return!

You know which is the one song that comes to my mind right now? It’s La vie en Rose by Dean Martin. Oh, the way he sings the song. And it’s true, you know. Valentine’s Day is about looking at life through rose-tinted glasses. It’s like you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, if only it’s a ‘Yes’, we shall see the world through rose-tinted glasses…” Isn’t it?

It’s true, you know. Love makes you do that which is why it’s such a beautiful and magical feeling. 🙂

Life through rose-tinted glasses

And so, in order to help you live your life and eye the world through those lovingly rose-tinted glasses, I decided to put together some of the best eyewear from Lenskart. Choose some of the most attractive pieces that you know would suit your significant other and address it to them, with a note that says, “For your eyes only!” Cheesy, I know. But, it somehow always works.

For your Prince Charming

If he’s more on the serious side, is a scholar, writer or a business analyst, chances are, he likes to sport a classy pair of spectacles that go well not just with his profession, but also with his personality. Plus, you think he looks kind of sexy in a pair of spectacles.

Well, here you go. Take your pick from among these extremely smart looking pairs of eyeglasses from

Men's eyeglasses

Au contraire, if he’s more on the sporty side, like a traveler, pilot, an adventure photographer or just a playful enthusiast (lucky you), chances are he likes to don a pair of stylish shades which, quite honestly, makes him look so much more hot and you just can’t get your eyes off him.

Any of these shades are your best bet. Plus, I love the subtle detailing that’s on the temples and frames.

Men's shades

Your Lady in Waiting

If you’re girl is the one who reads, writes and spends her entire day in front of a screen present her with a pair of quirky eyeglasses like these. She will look extremely cute in a pair of spectacles with coloured frames and you get to be the one who adds the colour to her life, if you want to look at it metaphorically. 😉

Also, whisk her away from that screen of hers just this one day without even asking for her permission. She needs you to be the one to do that for her. 🙂

Women's eyeglasses

If you’re woman is the quintessential trendsetter, a go-getter and is always on the move, you’ve got to show her some tender love and care. Pamper her and spoil her like crazy with a pair of sunnies that make her look stylish and chic. She will love you for it and chances are, she’ll dress up wearing these, especially for you. Now, don’t you want that? 😉

I totally love the oversized red shades. It’s so retro and well, it goes with the colour of love, don’t you think?

Women's Sunnies

So, now you have the complete guide on how to present your beloved with eyewear that would make them fall in love with you, for the first time, all over again.

What are you still waiting for, Christmas? Hurry on because it’s the season of love and it only comes once in a year!

Love vibes to all of you!

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