Look your best in September

Rains or no rains, sunshine or no sunshine, steamy weather or cold breezes, looking at the weather right now I wanna sing Club Culture’s “Karma Chameleon”, really good weather, “You come and go, you come and go” Do you hear me!

The days can be cool, hot or rainy but your look of the month always has to be chic and stylish, involving dapper and fad looking eyewear.

This time around boys will be totally impressed by the kinda work I have done to arrange superb looks for them. Retro is the flavor of the year. Eyeglasses have earned more momentum than any other accessory.

for men

Round eyeglasses — just like the ones legends such as Sherlock Holmes, John Lennon wore — make the perfect eyewear for any look. Whether you wear a formal or a semi-formal outfit, round eyeglasses are the ‘it’ accessory to style your look!

Casual, yet formal


This is my favourite look! I think Aviators work best with an outfit which involves wearing denim rugged jeans. This hot and retro accessory has been adorned by a few famous men including SRK, Ashton Kutcher, Steve Jobs, Hritik Roshan and more such eye candies.  🙂

The Navy look


I love the navy inspired clothes and accessories. If teamed with a right pair of sunglasses, this look is the perfect ingredient to make you an eye candy. Brown tortoise frame Aviator sunglasses make this look seriously hot like the men on the voyage. Isn’t it?

For the ladies


Include a stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses with gradient lens for that cool look.

Go retro


Get a Retro look for that evening with friends with a pair of chic round eyeglasses that match with your outfit. I chose yellow; you could choose from an array of round sunglasses available online, right away.

Can’t get enough of Aviators

For work I like the Aviator sunglasses as a must-have eyewear accessory. They are chic, edgy and give a bold look.


Go with the Wayfarers

Whether it’s compulsory for you to wear eyeglasses or not, Wayfarers are your way of looking ‘haute’. Just pair them with a sexy racer-back and denim hot pants, and see the heads turn. Like it?


Now it’s time for you to style your own look with the coolest retro style eyewear of the season.

Tip: Aviator, round and wayfarer shaped eyewear are a must. Comment and share your thoughts.

**Keep it dapper**


Eyewear pics courtesy of Lenskart.com

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