A salute To the Exalted Rainbow Flag

The 24th of August, 2017, had us all ugly-crying, didn’t it? Don’t remember? Ok, story time!

Not too long a time ago, being queer or “different” was not legal in India. People were afraid to come out of the closet because of the discrimination they knew they’d face. So many were living in lies and in abashment. People wanted the freedom to be who they are, without prejudice. But alas! The law wouldn’t take their side. But, dang it if they didn’t fight. They fought hard for recognition and equality. Then, one fateful day, on the 24th of August, 2017, the LGBTQ community became victorious. The Supreme Court granted them the freedom to safely express their sexual orientation.

And on the 6th of September, 2018, another victory was celebrated by the LGBTQ community when the Supreme Court made homosexuality legal in India. ‘Twas a day of jubilation all around the nation.

–The End

India has come a long way. Known for being conservative in all aspects, back then, the hopes of living freely were far-fetched for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. Well, look at us now. We’ve come so far. So, let’s give a salute to every rainbow flag we see to show our respect to all those who have fought and paved the way for us to live freely today.

Speaking of the flag itself, the (now) six-color stripped flag originally had 8 strips. But, pink and turquoise, which stood for sexuality and art/magic, were removed. The remaining six colors each stand for something significant. Here, we thought we’d do something different. Being the eyewear retailer that we are, we just simply couldn’t not talk about eyewear now, could we?

So, we are going to talk about what each color represents and also showcase some of the trendiest sunglasses in the respective colors that we are sure you’d love to flaunt this summer.


The red in the rainbow flag stands for ‘LIFE’. We choose life. We continue to exist as our true selves.


The second stripe of the Gay Pride Flag stands for ‘HEALING’. No matter how deep the cut may be, we heal.


The third stripe represents ‘SUNLIGHT’. We do not hide in the shadows. We shine.


Representing Mother Nature, green plays an important role. Who we are comes naturally to us.


Blue stands for peace and harmony. Just like the calm blue skies, we all seek tranquility.


The last stripe stands for spirit. In the fight for a better tomorrow, our spirits stand strong and tall.

When challenge by an influential gay leader, Harvey Milk, in 1974 to cook up a symbol of pride for the gay community, Gilbert Baker came up with the rainbow flag on June 25, 1978. The flag was inspired by the song ‘Over the Rainbow”, sang by Judy Garland, one of the first gay icons.

Thanks to Baker, to this day, we wave the flag to honor those who fought so hard for the freedom to be able to freely express oneself; we wave the flag to support and encourage those who need help.

Ciao for now!

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