Let your skin tone decide your eyewear

Reflector sunglasses, gradient shades and wayfarer frames in different hues have not only taken over a major part of our accessory closet, but also define our mood every day. But have you ever wondered that eyewear not matching our skin tone can turn out to be just a show off? Street-smart people don’t just follow the trend, but also understand their personality.

My love for eyewear is evident from so many pairs in my closet. But believe me, many of them are lying there unused, as they don’t suit my skin tone either.

After years of experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that our skin tone plays a vital role while deciding which pair of sunglasses will look good. Selection of eyewear in sync with your skin tone will get you spectacular looks from all!

Know your skin tone

If you are thinking that knowing the skin tone is a task, then you are mistaken! The secret of your skin tone lies at the underside of your wrist. Watch the underside of your wrist in daylight, if you find yellow undertone with greenish veins, then you have warm skin tone.

Yellow, brown, red, ivory, and olive green are the hues of your sunglasses and frames. With warm skin tone, you are free to flaunt brighter shades with no chance of going wrong!

If you have a rosy undertone with bluish veins, then you fall into the category of cool skin tone. Forget about red and yellow if you don’t want to slip on style! Green, black, grey, pink, silver, and purple need to be your preference when looking for sunglasses or frames.

Now you know your skin tone, what next?

If you are not among those who are satisfied with the little dose of style, then why not go deep into skin tone and colour? We all know that we broadly fall into the skin colour category of fair, wheatish, peach, dark, but few of us know what to look in eyewear colour with our particular skin shade.

It’s fair to go bright

If you have a fair skin tone, then feel free to pick sunglasses in hues of red, orange, green, blue and yellow! These are your shades of fun and frolic.


Lucky you, if on the wheatish side

If you have wheatish skin tone, then consider yourself lucky as you can adorn your eyes with any colour. Black, deep blue, purple, dark red, or brown, pick the colour of sunglasses that you like and get ready to look wow! An added perk of being an Indian 🙂

Pastel is for peach

Pastels will get you incredible looks if you are blessed with peach skin tone! Go gaga over style with sunglasses in hues such as grey, dark brown, beige, and olive green.

Classic colours for darker skin tone

If you have darker skin tone, then classic-shade sunglasses are the best fashion mantra. Decorate your eyes with sunglasses in black, brown and golden shades and get ready to make a subtle yet noteworthy appearance.

Experiment with your frames

Take a break from the nerdy look and be a trendsetter with frames in different hues and styles. But wait… first know your skin tone! With warm skin tone, set yourself loose into the splash of colours. Bronze, gold, tortoise, honey, brown, coral and aqua colour frames will not only add zing to your personality, but also make you a trendsetter.

Cool skin tone people don’t need to feel left out in this colour game, as evergreen pastels, black and white are just perfect for them. They have a chance to go classic, yet trendy by playing with the evergreen shades.

By knowing your skin tone in detail, you can now give a right direction to your passion for eyewear. Don’t hide away from colours, but pick them right! Ready to take a dive into the sea of colours while choosing sunglasses or frames for yourself?

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