Lenskart’s most fashionable customers

Oh yes! It’s you, this time!

We do keep talking about the most fashionable celebs, the most fashionable politicos etc. etc… But for us, the real stars are you people – Our customers who redefine the fashion of eyewear.

So, here’s our first list of our most fashionable peeps… Are you in here? If not, don’t worry, this has now become a regular feature, and who knows, you may be there in the next one 🙂

1. @dhwaniibhatt


The gorgeous lady in pink and white, wearing reflectors and is looking sideways. Yeah, because looking into the camera is too cliché. She has her picture loaded with likes and comments.

2. @zeman.kurdish


He totally nails it with the polka-dot shirt and black trousers. A headband that compliments the mirror reflectors and that ‘oh so hot!’ beard was sure to make it to the list.

3. salonee_16


Salonee is that sweet 16, I guess! And she’s a blogger too, if you go by the hash tags completely knows how to sport it up! Spectacular in that uniform that complements her eyeglasses.

4. missnonchalant15


Pink, white and black like in perfect coordination. The bright pink is subtly in coordination with her specs. Cat-eye frames as if made for this face cut. You go girl!

5. @beingbeautifulpooja


Blue reflectors teamed up with a sporty yellow tees and white jeans. Could you ask for more?
She perfects it with the matching lip colour and jacket, and we have an ideal outfit!

6. @4dluvofroad


He is with his backpack on, ready to head somewhere for sure!
Black head scarf with the translucent shades make those eyes peep out the right amount. He is seriously giving us all some #beardgoals.

7. @insta_apurva


Clad in tones of dark shades. This lady shows-off her yellow reflectors and her lovely long hair. A perfect setting of the pool, so Bollywood!
Oh, I forgot! The parrot green earrings totally complete the outfit.

8. @sung.rhea


A selfie expert I must say, blue with blue is always a game. To top it up the sun’s reflection on the reflectors and the wavy locks! Simply beautiful! #Sunkissed

9. @aanchalsukhija


Seems like blue never goes out of style. Checks and a royal blue over-coat and side look and the hot red lipstick, couldn’t have been better with a contrasting yellow background.

10. @anmol.saxena.1013


Yea, last but not the least. This chap loves to play in mono-chrome. A khaki tee, with checkered scarf just goes so, well with square specs. Rays from top-right seem to fill the emptiness there could have been.

Well, like all good things come to an end so has this list.
This is our way of showing the love we have for you, like you do!

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