Lenskart Exclusive: Ranveer Shorey Unplugged!


A former VJ and Bollywood actor, known for his impeccable comedy timing, Ranveer Shorey knows how to capture the crowds and have them in splits of laughter. But, Lenskart.com got the veteran actor to show us his lesser known ‘fashionable’ side.

Readers, we present to you Ranveer Shorey in an exclusive interview with Lenskart.com where the actor talks about what fashion means to him. Excerpts:

LK: Which of your features best describe you? And how do you accentuate that feature?

RS: No one has ever commented on my good looks because people can’t look beyond my humour. But personally, I feel I have large and expressive eyes that are, of course, full of humour. This gives me a cute appeal.

LK: What defines effortless style and how important is it to be stylish?

RS: Style is subjective and many people have abused that word to benefit their own sense of style. For me, being stylish is about being yourself. I am not big on dressing up and hate women who have dolled up for any ceremony. Effortless style is when you are confident enough that you are making a style statement even when you are in your vest! 

LK: What does fashion mean to you? How closely do you follow the current trends?

RS: I have walked the ramp a few times and I do know what are the runway trends, broadly. But I am a simplistic fashion sort of guy. I am quite a believer in the brand wagon. There is something about designer wear that makes you feel special. As if it was tailor made, just for you. 

LK: What is the one fashion trend you would like to do away with and why?

RS: It changes from season to season. But I would like to see the end of tight-fitting jeans. It looks ‘ugghh’ on men and is a complete eye sore to women. So why would you like to cramp yourself up?

LK: What is the one trend you love the most and why?

RS: There is no such trend that I cannot do away with. But I have a shoe fetish that I just can’t get away with.

LK: How many pairs of eyewear and watches do you own?

RS: There are at least 10 pairs of glasses in my closet. I keep losing them for some reason. Watches, I must be having about 5-6 brands.

Ranvir Shorey

LK: Is there a fashion fetish we don’t know about?

RS: Shoes.

LK: When it comes to accessories, how important to you are the following and in what order: Watches, eyewear, jewellery?

RS: Watches and eyewear in that order for me. I can completely do away with jewellery.  

LK: The one fashion must-have for every girl and every guy?

RS: A pair of washed out purani jeans for the guy and a k length denim skirt for a girl. These are old trends that must be got back. 

LK: What are some basic style tips that you would give to your fans?

RS: Please comb your hair before you get out and get a haircut before it is due. On a serious note: Just wear a good attitude, everything else will fall into place.

ranvir shorey - bajatey raho movie

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