Lenskart-Acetate eyeglasses: Protective Style

Protective eyewear has been used by people since olden times. Though, at that time, designs of the eyeglasses was not effective but rather bulky in looks. People used to wear the eyeglasses when their power of the ‘eye retina’ got low which led to short sightedness or long-sightedness. So, to correct these types of visual defects, people used to wear the eyeglasses which correct these ailments and let people see clearly. Some incidents always remain in your memories and one related to eyeglasses is still fresh in my memories as it changed my life thoroughly. I’m a hard core gamer and I spend lots of time either on my play-station or on my laptop playing games. At that time, while playing continuously for 3-4 hours I felt tiredness in my eyes but I ignored it by thinking that it might be because of my continuous staring on the screen. It remained for one month as whenever I played games, my head aches and I felt my eyes getting heavy.


Lenskart-Acetate eyeglasses
Lenskart-Acetate eyeglasses

Then, one day I consulted to my friends about it and they told me that I should consult an optician or eye doctor for this problem. Then after few days, I got an appointment with a famous doctor in my city. After doing some eye checkups, he suggested me to wear anti-glare eyeglasses whenever I work on any screen like Play station or laptop. Anti-glare eyeglasses are used to protect eyes from various radiations that are emitted by the cathode tube of the television or any screen i.e. why TFT screens came into existence to minimize the effect but they have the bad effect on eyes. Doctor gave me a pair of Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses which had the anti-glare lens integrated in them.  After taking those eyeglasses, I used them for almost a year and till now I feel comfortable while watching TV or paying games on laptops. With changing trends the style of the eyeglasses also changing day by day. Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses, apart from Anti-glare lenses come in powers which are according the eye ailment you have and provide correction to your sight without compromising the quality. Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses come in various frame designs which range from designer frames to classic frames. New designer frames of Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses are made by world-class designer which make them according to new trend so that they don’t look awkward with your outfits. Lenskart-acetate men eyeglasses come in wayfarer and classic looks with designer frames which are made up of elastic plastic fit on every face perfectly. Lenskart-acetate ladies eyeglasses are designed according to the outfits women used to wear as these eyeglasses design look ethnic with their attires. Lenskart-acetate has some fabulous designers from all across the world, with their creativity they design some of the best frames and make them available to people in reasonable prices which suit the economical people. Some of the famous designs which are now become today’s trend are wayfarers, classics, full rim and half rim designs. Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses are famous because they believe in customer satisfaction. To provide customer a relief from shopping by going out to the market, they have provide to buy Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses online from various e-shops which provide the facility to deliver the item right in your hands. Also for people who love to try things before wearing can go to nearest outlets to buy Lenskart-acetate eyeglasses. Effective styling with good lens makes a combination of good  eyeglasses  which correct the eye ailments effectively. So, grab one for you if you feel any problem with your eyes after consulting your doctor.

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