Kids Got the Look

I love spending time with my Barbie doll, niece and naughty nephew over the weekends. So when this time I went to my sister’s, she was happy enough to send her kids with me. I think she needed time for herself. Anyway, my two lovely kiddos were dressed beautifully. The day was hot and the sun shone like a big fat ball of fire.

sun and ice cream

We were enjoying eating ice creams when the kids started to demand for new toys. I am always willing to buy them anything but this time, I was low on budget. I told my darling kidos that I will be glad to buy them new pairs of sunglasses since they had none (and hopefully less expensive). The kids started jumping with joy and we hurried to the mall. The optical shop was stacked with the latest high-end sunglasses for everyone.

Kids sunglasses stacked

I was stunned when I turned towards the kids’ zone. Literally, this was the sight.

Kids sunglasses variety

Oh my! Half of the store was loaded with beautiful eye glasses and sunglasses for kids. I never knew kids had become so trendy and mod. I remember how our parents used to buy us local sunglasses and we used to feel like super stars wearing them. But now I wanted to run back home and burn all my pictures.

Kids sunglasses

The sunglasses were in different shades and styles. We saw pretty pastel frames that included a hot-stamped flower or bow on temple tips and bright big frames. We also noticed some bright trendy two-toned shades, shades with geometric shapes, patterns, cool designs, and what not!

Different styles for kids

The kids picked different shades and started to try them on. One after the other, they tried sunglasses and demanded to try all of them. Thankfully, the store keeper was patient with the kids and let them try as many sunglasses they wanted. I remember, looking at the heap of sunglasses at the counter. But, the look of excitement on their faces balanced my embarrassment.

Kids sunglasses pics

Finally, the kids bought two pairs of stylish and trendy sunglasses home while my sister and I felt miserable about how we looked in our stupid sunglasses.


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