Just like couples do

From holding hands to keeping it low profile to walking out in coordinated outfits – all of us have a distinct way of showcasing our relationship in public, with my personal favourite being the coordination of the looks!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

couples with wayfarer sunglasses

Isn’t it such a lovely sight to watch couples dressed in sync with one another?

stylish sunglasses for men and women

But the idea of matching shouldn’t mean sporting same outfits but more like dressing well as a pair. The couples shouldn’t really go overboard with the coordination bit but fashionably matched looks can make them stand out & get noticed.

Now, we have all seen a lot of couples making a statement by matching a piece of clothing or an entire outfit with their partner’s, and most of us have even tried it ourselves, but have you ever thought about taking it forward by coordinating your eyewear style with your partner’s?

If you haven’t, then you must now & give it a shot by taking some inspiration from these star couples:

sun specs for couple

You can pair it up like Jennifer Aniston and her partner Justin Theroux by opting for the same shape.

oversized sunglasses & Wayfarer shades

Or like Kate Winslet & her boyfriend by donning eyewear in the same colour shade.

So now before the next outing make sure to explore the extensive collection of eyewear at Lenskart to order a perfectly matching pair for yourself & your partner.

And while you are out there making heads turn, do capture the moment to share it here or our Instagram handle @Lenskart 🙂

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