Juice it up!

d_eye_y_finalA ‘cold’ welcome to my hotties who are working really hard on keeping their fashion and style statement up in this hot summer season!

It is time to take out your super cool sheer tops, tanks, summer dresses, hot pants, thongs and most importantly sunglasses out. Being blessed with a great sense of fashion, we all manage to look our best while the summers are busy attacking and shooting us with its hot loo gusts. Be it dishevelled hair, or a messy bun; we succeed in making a statement. Don’t we? (a pat on the back)

Picture 1

I like to label you all as my talented team of fashion maniacs… 🙂 And as a reward you all get my cool DIY tip for the season. Yes, freedom from those tight budget arguments with your mum and dad. You will save them from burning a hole in their pockets and wallets, but still don’t expect them to thank you.

With juicy neon shades like orange, lemon and watermelon being the fashion trend for all the ‘it girls’, how one can expect our sunglasses to be all dull and juice-less. Agree?

Run and get your pens and diaries for the juiciest DIY tip of the season.

Juicy DIY tip


What you need?

  1. A sassy pair of sunglasses
  2. A few ‘cute’ fruit embellishments of your choice
  3. Rhinestones or coloured crystals
  4. Glue gun or you can pick up a feviquick

DIY- Ingredients

Here, take a close look at my fruit embellishments.

fruit embellishments

Sweet and juicy, aren’t they? Now roll up your sleeves to get started with the task, my ladies.

Step 1 – Select a spot where you want to stick your fruits embellishments on the frame to avoid any accidents.

step 1

Step 2- Take the glue gun or feviquick to add glue on the back of each fruit embellishment and stick them on the sunglasses.

step 2

Step 3 – Continue sticking fruit embellishments as many as you like.

step 3

Step 4 – Once you are finished sticking the fruit pieces, start gluing the crystals on the rims of the sunglasses. Like this.

step 4

Step 5 – Again, stick as many crystals you like. J And tadaaaaaaaa! You are done! Take a look. Breath-taking fresh, aren’t?


So get down to this serious business ladies and prepare your own DIY sunglasses to take on the hot and sticky summers. Don’t forget the best tip you can ever get- Got it, flaunt it!

Ciao! Love xoxoxo…

Image courtesy: Pinterest; Threadsence

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