It’s raining great looks

The rain hasn’t shown its real face yet. But we all know that we are at the avenue where it can start raining cats and dogs, just like the last year. Huh… I remember how I managed to look perfect on those puddle-mud(dle) street days! The wet hair look is in forever but what do we do with our accessories that make a huge difference all the time. Every season deserves a chic and different look and I promise to give what it deserves.

I definitely don’t want us to sing – Rain, rain, go away. It’s time to pull up our socks and welcome the rains with glamour, oomph, style and smile. And sing like ‘the weather girls’, “It’s raining men Hallelujah! It’s raining men uh oh!”


Wayfarer Look

The tortoise beauty! Wayfarers add style and glam to a chic, subtle and stylish office look. The tortoise print on the frame has got a lot to say.



Aviators add a lot of style and drama to a look. With aviators on your eyes and that cute transparent umbrella in your hand, you can add a lot of style to any look.


I don't care look

Wear your favourite clothes with gradient brown aviators to add that oomph factor to your haute work ensemble.


Smoky look

The tony and plush Maui Jim aviator sunglasses work wonders with a stylish rugged denim shorts and graphic-Tee look. The beautiful umbrella, plastic shoes and the brown gorgeous pair of sunglasses make a perfect rainy day look.


Formal look

Time to chill with the ladies? Take out your oversized round sunglasses and pair them up with a chic summer dress. Round sunglasses are perfect if you are looking forward to a relaxed, laid back day.

Hope I could knock some cool summer trends into your creative fashionable heads. You sure can add your sunglasses as well as eyeglasses to any look. Just remember to keep it chic and stylish!

Ciao! 🙂



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