It’s Looney Time, Folks!

The get together, the other day, at my grandma’s place was bustling with giggles, shouts and laughter of the little ones. Running here and there, beating and hiding under the bed. The stirring aroma of family love touched my heart. After a while my mother asked all the children to gather in the TV room where cartoons were to be played. Jumping with joy in no time, all of them piled on one and another, fighting for the front seats. Settled down. I sneaked in and sat at the end with an intention of reliving some childhood memories. And the saga began….

Unlocking spectacles

‘’oooo Dexter…what does this button do?’’… “Deedee get out of my laaaab” shrieked Dexter… It was a hilarious journey. The way Dexter planned his inventions and DeeDee spoiled it for him. Dexter’s white coat, black shoes and the legendary black, geeky spectacles, wow it was a great sight to watch after all these years.

Dexter and DeeDee

One after the other, it went on and on and it was time for Uncle Scrooge.. Yes guys Ducktales.. woohooo.. Tuck!  The gold fever took with Heuy, Dewey and Louie saving their lovely Uncle Scoorge from the beagle boys. Gold came and went from our money-minded oldie’s life, but what never left him were his round eyeglasses which sat comfortably on his beak always.

Uncle Scrooge

“Scooby dooby doooooooooo” While Welma and others were busy solving the mystery, Scooby and shaggy were busy eating Scooby snacks and lazying around. However, the spark of the right ideas of escaping the dangers came from the bespectacled and smart Welma.

Scooby doo adventures

While the dinner was being cooked and ladies discussed their mothers-in-law, we kids thought of watching Johny Bravo. The handsome hunk, who was on a look out for hot women and flaunted his style with big biceps, swanky dark sunglasses and cool hairdo.. Day or night, he never seized to look that great…

Johnny Bravo

I flipped the channel from Cartoon Network to Star World and guess what, it was Dennis on a roll. Torturing Mr. Willson to death, it gave us all a good long laugh each time he shouted: “OOO Mr. Willsooonnn…” and then his tiffs with nerdy and intelligent Margaret (who wore those typical, geeky specs all the times), it was boundless comedy session we had that night.


After all that fun and frolic, It was time for some lavish dinner. While eating I was thinking all these characters had sunglasses or eyeglasses on them… geeky, funky, oversized, round.. lol.. Am I thinking too much? Guess these are the side effects of writing an eyewear blog!

Looney Tunes


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