It is Children’s Day


It comes once a year and means a day filled with fun for kids! It’s the one day when even we, as adults wish we were kids.

And since they love to try cool stuff and look fashionable, this year, we’ve decided to bring you all the juicy details on quirky specs and sunglasses! The cool thing about wearing sunglasses and eyewear is that you can bring out the fun side!


Kids are all about sports, games, energy and fun! Your eyewear should be just like you – cute, light and easy to wear so that you don’t have to worry about breaking them.


Plus, they come in great colours, shapes and styles so that you have a great pair to wear everyday!

kids sunglasses online

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Lenskart has the perfect collection of sporty, light and durable glasses that look really cool. As a sweet gesture for all our kiddie fans out there, I’ve decided to give you a collection of quirky eyewear options, especially for kids.

So, for all the girls and boys who are looking to get a cool new pair of specs, don’t forget to check these funky pieces out!

Lenskart has a cool range of sunglasses exclusively available for kids. Here’s a list of some of the best from the collection:

Buy Sunglasses Online

What’s more? You can even choose cool set of eyewear ranging from light-weight to sporty such as the ones listed below!


john jacobs eyeglasses


click map

john jacobs brown maroon eyeglasses

john jacobs matte black yellow eyeglasses

john jacobs matte black skyblue eyeglasses


click map

john jacobs aqua blue eyeglasses

john jacobs black red 1030 eyeglasses

vincent chase brown cream pink womens eyeglasses

vincent chase purple design xyxy womens eyeglasses

vincent chase black brown blue design eyeglasses

vincent chase pink black eyeglasses

vincent chase black eyeglasses

john jacobs black white wayfarer eyeglasses

So, here’s a chance for all the kids to play with their eyewear. All that we’d want to close with is “Log On, Play On!”
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