In Greece, do as Greeks do

Sunny days, scorching sun that’s almost always shining bright on your head, tumblers and tumblers of summer coolers and, of course, the tourist-hostile citizens… Summer in Athens, Greece, isn’t easy, what with weather playing a spoiler and crimes against tourists being the talk of the town. The moment you land there, you start hearing of stories of tourists losing their passports (it’s a big trade with one passport selling for as much as 3,000 Euros), robberies at the tip of the knives, money duping et al.

However, its historic richness and convenient alleys make it a focus of all tourist itineraries.

A Herculean task as it may be to communicate with locals – barely does anyone understands English – moving into the small alleys of Athens is a delight. Historical structures, small stores selling local shoes, spices, artifacts, mementos etc. galore.

And, surprisingly, the simmering heat doesn’t deter anyone to explore this city on foot. From Acropolis, to Plaka, to Hercules’ Temple, you find people at all times of the day (yes, till 9:30 in the night, the sun keeps up with you).

Hence, sunglasses become a necessity. And how could I keep my eyes off the different shapes, styles and colors I saw all around me.

Yes, mirror sunglasses hogged the limelight. In all styles and at all ages, people prefer mirror in Greece.

Beyond this, everything that suited whoever was there. No particular shape was popular. Every shape met my eyes in Athens, proving yet again it’s not just about fashion, but what suits your face shape.

And while beaches of Mykonos and quaint villages of Santorini offered me much relief from the madness in Athens, I give Athens a Thumbs Up for all the fashion it has encapsulated within its crime-ridden boundaries.

I’d now take your leave till my next travelogue, and would leave you with this great thought – I came across this shop in the very beautiful city of Myknonos.

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