Ibiza & its various shades

The cool sea breeze brushing against your traces and loud music playing in the background while you sip the heady cocktail in bright day light at 7 in the evening. What else could you ask for from life?


Ibiza, in Spain, is not called the party capital of the world for nothing! Days are longer in Europe and that’s only an advantage for the hoard of travellers hogging on to this haven of party-lovers. Beach parties have never been more fun at any other beach destination. Ibiza defines parties, and more so the beach parties.

Beer with guy

Care free youngsters, chilling middle-aged and relaxing aged holidayers – you find everyone enjoying the real spirit of life here, clad in nothing more than skimpy bikinis, if not absolutely nude.

girls in the beach

buys on beach

My 3 days in Ibiza were only about fun, dancing and Sangrias. Yes, that’s what they relish in this part of the world – and how!

buys on beach

You find Sangria at every corner, like they sell nimbu pani on Delhi roads in the simmering heat of June. Really!

World’s biggest night clubs, best nude beaches, most clear sea water and craziest boat parties – I still took my attention off these mortal temptations to get you a taste of the eyewear I saw at the beach parties of Ibiza.

Beach with trees


And here’s the revelation: Every shape, every size and all colours of sunglasses – everything is ‘In’. It should just suit your face and personal style.


We keep wondering what’s the latest trend in sunglasses – Is it the cat-eye or do aviators still rule the roost? Are over-sized and small rectangular shades out? Would mirror look too stark on my face?

Well, this vacation opened my eyes and I know what matters is that the sunglasses I choose should sink in well with my personality and need of the hour.

There, I saw everything: the classic golden rim Aviators, the latest eyebrow shape sunglasses, the old (is gold) men’s rectangular shades, the funky mirrored ones, the omnipresent wayfarers and the most popular over-sized glares.

cig with guys

black guys

See those black rectangular goggles on the guy in blue shirt? Don’t they suit his oval face, broad forehead and fair skin tone? I don’t know how many of us would want to buy these while browsing through a range of sunglasses? But they do look cool on this chap.


And I saw a lot of Aviators. Normal size, tear drop golden rim ones, as also the big elaborate ones.

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black grey men propionate sunglasses

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The mirrored ones too were spotted on a lot relaxing faces. From amber to blue, the mirrored lenses on sunglasses made quite a statement.

Beach with trees2

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And boy! Wayfarers galore! Black, brown, deep lenses… everything. This one style is sure a hit.

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Colourful temples and coloured sunglasses are in fashion and it was pretty evident on the white sand beaches too.

blue lady

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While the usual over-sized sunglasses were there all over the place, the unusual brow-line glares were spotted too.

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However, one thing that didn’t skip the eye at all was the popularity of Ray-Bans. Every third person was wearing the Ray-Ban. Take a look:

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similar ray-ban wayfarers sunglasses

Huhh! Feel like going back. Ibiza, no doubt is one place where you don’t just unwind, but indulge in ultimate state of partying. Here’s to the Party Capital of the world.




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