I am specsy, and you love it

Did you want to date a specsy girl during your childhood days? Those days are gone now, and with it, the perceptions that we made earlier have also faded away. All men love Anna Hathaway and Megan Fox, though with different intensity! We come across their specsy look pictures every now and then, and those are nowhere less in terms of sensuous appeal. Girls know it very well how to be in style, and even with glasses on, they can sweep your heart away.

women eyeglasses

They look like a cute fashionista

A pair of glasses doubles the amount of cuteness on the charming face of a girl? When her cuteness gets paired with her great style sense for specs, then she can be equally hot as any girl in a petite dress. Are you now thinking of suggesting your girlfriends to come with trendy frames in pink, purple or green for the next date!

pink eyeglasses for women

Intellectual, hmm, at least they look so!

Right pair of glasses adds the intellectual aura to the appearance of those who wear spectacles. Girls who wear specs don’t always get occupied with the thought of what to wear on her next date! Their focus is more on thinking about various interesting things to make every moment more fun-filled.

blue eyeglasses

Thank god! They are less dramatic

A nerdy girl has bigger reasons in life to worry about, than just taking care of her outer appearance. They focus on delivering quality in everything that they do, because they know it very well that to succeed, you need more than just good looks.

wayfarer eyeglasses

For being the balanced type

Do you feel that the same old tricks will work when you are trying to mark an impression on a girl who wears specs? I am sure, your answer is a big ‘No’. Girls with glasses have a reserved and balanced look that says, “Keep trying, I am not the one who will fall for you so easily”. As they carry the mysterious aura, you feel more attracted towards them!

women eyeglasses

For being not so fussy about everything around

She knows how it feels to be judged just by your outer appearance! With four eyes and better vision, girls with specs are taken to be more conscious when criticizing anything, and even if they have to do it, they do it with grace. Being with glasses all the time and taking constant care of these make them more polite and patient in real-life situations.

specsy girls

Love them like you do! Even if they are out of sight, they are never out of mind. Such is the charm of specsy girls that you don’t need glasses to see their inner beauty. It’s so evident through their deep eyes magnified by the specs.


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