How your skin tone decides your glasses

Having a fetish for eyewear is pretty common these days, with so many options to choose from. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles that are suitable for every face.

What if you like sporting bright and vibrant colors, but your face ends up looking washed out or dreadful? (Imagine Nicki Minaj with pink sunglasses…jeez!)

pink cool sunglasses

You should get whatever you feel like but if you have to decide which eyewear is perfect for your skin tone, read on!

Determine the tone of your skin

To figure out your skin tone, first you need to look at the underside of your arm in the daylight. If you have blue-tinted veins, you have a cool skin tone with pink undertones. That also means you burn in the sun rather than tan!


On the other hand, if you have green-tinted veins, you have a warm skin tone with beautiful yellow/golden undertones. This means you usually tan instead of burn, and are not too far from looking like Queen Bey! (Oh c’mon.…you know it’ll take more than just skin tone to be Beyonce!)


Now, that you’re aware of your skin tone, here comes the best part– picking out the perfect eyewear!

Cool Skin Tones

People with cool skin tone tend to look best in soft-tinted frames, because of the pop of color and contrast it creates. Since, light skin has less warm features than darker skin; slightly pigmented frames add depth and vibrancy to the face.


You should stay away from colors that wash you out such as, pastel colours and instead reach for frames that are silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve and gray. As a general rule of thumb, cool-toned folks should gravitate towards frames in blue-based hues.

pink frame sunglasses for girls

Celebrities with cool toned skin are Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and Patrick Dempsey (Our very own McDreamy *Drools*)


Warm Skin Tones

We Indians are lucky to have warm skin as it looks beautiful and as some people would call it ‘exotic’! There’s peach skin tone, wheatish skin tone and dark skin tones!


Peach Skin Tones

People who have a peach skin tone can wear a wide range of shades (that’s pretty awesome!). However, pastels and their varieties look best on them. A few wonderful choices for peach-skinned people are grey, chocolate brown, beige, olive green, etc.
Our Bollywood divas,Dia Mirza and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, have peach skin tone.

diya mirza sunglasses

Wheatish Skin Tone

From serious dark shades to peppy bright tints, people with wheatish skin tone can go for any sort of frames or lens although choosing black, deep blue, purple, dark red, brown frames would be ideal for your skin.
Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor have wheatish skin tone.

Sonam Kapoor oversized sunglasses

Dark Skin Tone

If you’ve a dark skin tone, try to stay away from deep bright hues they’ll not go well with your complexion. Light-colored frames and lenses can boost your appearance greatly. So stick to black, brown or golden sunglasses to look your best. All of these options work petty well for our bronze Goddesses, so wear it. Own it!
Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Freida Pinto and the gorgeous Nandita Das have dark skin and they rock every look with such charm!


Have fun trying on different colors to see which colour looks best on you and matches your personality and style! Who says playing with colors is only for children?

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