How Wayfarers have come a long way

I idolize wayfarers for their distinct shape and versatility. Along with suiting every face type, they are a quintessential pair for every outing whether it’s for some grocery shopping or a day out with friends.

stylish wayfarers

The incredibly stylish wayfarers came into existence in the 1950s and gained a lot of popularity with icons like Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan and James Dean spotted in them.

Not many are aware of this fact, but this forever-trendy style was initially designed for men. But with their virtuous design, they became a favourite with the women too. Along with being fashionable, it was their versatility that got them noticed. Even today they appeal to a large audience and many celebrities are also seen donning this stylish pair, time and again.

Besides all the celebrity spotting over these years, we have also witnessed many transformations in this timeless design, and here is a look at some of them:

oc wayfarer

The original classic style is known for its distinctive slant from the centre and the upward pointing temples.

portable pair of sunglasses

This unique, portable pair is my personal favourite as it can be perfectly folded up into a compact square.

rayban wayfarer

This square frame in leather is a refreshing breakthrough from all the conventional plastic and metal ones out there.

This one, carved-out in wood, is an ultimate pair for an outing amid nature.

the rich velvet fabric sunglasses

And not to forget this one draped in the rich velvet fabric.

Well the list doesn’t end here. There are a whole lot of colourful and vibrant wayfarers by some of the chic eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Vincent Chase, John Jacobs, Fastrack and others. Take a look:

colourful and vibrant wayfarers

vc wayfarer


So with all these variations, wayfarers are capable of complimenting all your looks from a casual jeans and a t-shirt to formal attire, making them your perfect companion on those hot sunny days.

And now on a day with doubts, you’ll know what to rely on!


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