How to match your outfit with your eyewear

Matching the attire is a fetish with women! The curtains with cushion covers, lipstick must match the nail polish, shoes should pair up with the belt and so on. But somewhere in the recent past, a new trend started: The rule of contrast.

Monochrome was supposed to be matched with patterns and red walls had to go with plain desks and stools. If you’re scratching your head just yet, I have more fodder for thought. Have you ever wondered why the best dressers always sport exceptional eyewear? Like, every single time?

Eyeglasses can drastically alter your appearance. Pair them well and everything will be a cake walk. Pair them wrong and you’ll know how the phrase ‘having a bad day’ came into existence. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This outfit-eyewear guide will tell you exactly how you must step out to ace the day.

Chitrangdha Singh

1 ) Understand the tones – Before we get to the fun part, you will have to do some homework. Take a pair of glasses and examine them closely. If they have pinkish undertones, the glasses are cool-toned. If they have yellowish undertones, they are warm-toned.

Pair your cool-toned glasses with silver buckle belts or silver bracelets and rings. Something like Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, who rightly pairs her silver-rimmed frames with a silver spike neckpiece, despite the warm tones of her outfit. Yeah girl!


Conversely, pair your warm-toned glasses with gold or bronze accessories like clutches or jewellery. This runway model perfectly coordinates her warm-toned shades with a golden choker and ear cuffs.

Chokers-Style-Man-Repeller_0123 (High Res)

However, if you are one of the lucky ones whose frames are neutral toned, you can rejoice because you can pair it with absolutely anything.

2) Size does matter – Pair thick-framed glasses with chunkier accessories and vice-versa. Just how Tina Fey pairs her thin frames with a delicate string necklace.

tina-fey-glasses (High Res)

Oversized frames can also be matched with bigger accessories. Take cue from Selena Gomez, who is sporting huge feather earrings with her large eyeglasses.


3) Rule of opposites – Pair bright-colored lenses, reflectors and ombre glasses with monochromatic outfits and let them subtly draw attention to your face. Gigi Hadid looks amazing in her sporty white Tee and silver reflectors.


4) Go minimalistic – If you have a pair of trendy glasses, lay easy on the rest of the outfit. Don’t include any blingy pieces or dramatic cuts. Just because some times, less is more!


5) Color wheel – I swear, this wonder-thing holds the answer to half of the world’s problems (Yeah! Like literally half – all women at least!). It is used in interior decoration, make-up, paintings and as you’re about to learn, even for eyewear-outfit coordination.


So, basically, there are two schools of thought: Analogous and Complementary coordination.

analogous colors

In analogous coordination, you can choose an eyewear color that lies on either side of your outfit’s color. Take some inspiration from Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Alexa Chung. I bet you all agree they’re slaying!

celebrity with sunglasses

Or you can try complementary coordination by wearing a frame color that is opposite to the color of your outfit. Scarlett Johansson aces the look by pairing ice-blue frames with a nude colored jacket.


That said, none of these rules are set in stone. You can style up your eyewear differently depending on your face shape, skin tone, hair color and even occasion. Play around with your looks and choose one that suits you best. And you can always thank me later!

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